Hitman x LiquidSci Juicebox - Review

Posted by Colin McDonald on

Overall: 5 of 5
Aesthetics: 5 of 5
Function: 5 of 5
Craftsmanship: 4 of 5

This piece is simply amazing, and I cannot stress enough how pleased I was with this piece overall! I absolutely love the design of the piece and how well thought out the whole series was. Hitman and Liquid Sci were able to put something out that everyone remembers as a child for us to enjoy, and to me that is truly amazing, I mean who doesn’t love something nostalgic to bring back great memories! The purely blissful function of a Hitman piece and phenomenal craftsmanship by LiquidSci is sure to please you and leave you wanting more collabs by these two powerhouses in the glass game.

The aesthetics of these Juiceboxes is without a doubt a huge selling point and the idea was definitely a great one by Hitman and LiquidSci! I picked up the “Terpicana” juicebox and it is supposed to mimic a box of orange juice, they also have “Hashy Hash” and “ThC”. The “Hashy Hash” is supposed to mimic a Juicy Juice and the “ThC” a Hi-C juicebox. They all even have the ingredients listed as some clever references and the mouthpiece is a bendy straw! I was not too sure about the bendy straw mouthpiece at first, but I fell in love after my first rip. These bad boys chug and put off water bubbles almost to the top of the piece, no worries though because the straw doesn’t allow water to go up it very easily so its pretty much impossible to end up with water in your mouth! The labels look very professional on the boxes, and the nostalgic appearance lands these a 5 of 5 for aesthetics!

Functionality of this piece is perfect, I really could not be happier with how well this piece is suited for concentrate use! The upright joint on the top of the box and the bent “bendy” straw is absolutely perfect for keeping your face away from the heat of the nail. The Hitman “hammerhead” perc creates a ton of filtration but does not over filter, so you still get very flavorful hits. The compact design is also what leads this piece to being a great concentrate piece, your bubbles make it pretty much to the mouthpiece and that is excellent for providing amazing flavors! There is not a doubt in my mind that this piece deserves a 5 of 5 rating for function.

LiquidSci was in charge of actually manufacturing these pieces and Hitman gave them the direction on perc design and the labels and all that. LiquidSci actually makes a sweet cereal box rig line and that is where this collab stemmed from. LiquidSci makes very nice pieces and they have nailed it with these juiceboxes for sure. The only complaint I have is that the joint could have been attached a little cleaner to the pieces, but that is just me being nit picky, for the most part it was almost impossible for me to find anything I did not love about this piece! Overall it was made very well and LiquidSci deserves to get recognition for these amazing pieces just as much as Hitman does! I give these pieces a 4 of 5 rating for craftsmanship, top notch work here for sure!! I highly recommend adding one of these to your collection if you can, you will fall in love!

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