JM Flow Straight Tube Cross to Sprinkler Perc - Review

When I first started my long journey into the smoking world, I was slightly overwhelmed with the many choices offered when it comes to functional glass. I began smoking out of a few pieces- all glass, and all which did the job that I intended them to do. However, my simple beaker did not prepare me for the functionality of the JM Flow masterpiece that recently came into my possession. I think it’s safe to say that the smoking world as I had once knew it, was now changed forever.

First, let me start out on how awesome the JM Flow glass company is. The founder of JM Flow, Jose Navarrete, has an extensive background with professional glassblowing and self-taught tricks of the trade. This guy really knows his stuff, and it shows. He finally decided to start his own scientific glass company in Riverside, California, and smokers all over are so thankful that he did! Jose now hand blows each perc that goes into the JM Flow pieces himself, and has a highly trained, close-knit team that makes the untouchable craftsmanship of JM Flow, possible. His dedication to this art is what caught my attention immediately.

While at the Champs Trade Show in New Jersey, I actually got to meet these guys. Needless to say, the week flew by and next thing I knew, I was on my way back to Georgia with a beautiful new JM Flow Cross Perc to Sprinkler Perc Straight Tube. The piece was so aesthetically pleasing, I made googly eyes at it the whole way home. The glass itself was so thick and durable, I felt like this piece was indestructible. Even the percs are crafted with such impeccable precision, it felt like it was custom made for me. To top it off, this piece was blown with a sparkly pink slyme mouthpiece and base… Extra brownie points for the shimmery effect.

The best part about it though is that after I was done gawking at this piece, I finally got to rip it. Never in my entire time of smoking have I had a more pleasant experience, and I mean that. The combination of the cross perc and sprinkler perc together created a next level of diffusion that I couldn’t imagine. Just by water testing it, I could see a at least a million bubbles filling the entire piece. The hit was so exceptionally smooth, I almost thought that I wasn’t inhaling any smoke at all- I was able to inhale more than my fair share with ease.

Overall, I’d have to say this piece is heaven. This JM Flow straight tube has won my heart over 1,000 times. However, because of the intricate percs, you may find that it is more difficult than most to keep clean. In order to help with that I’d recommend slapping an ash catcher on this baby for overall cleaner use, as well as adding a few drops of Rez Block (that stuff really does work). Other than that, you really can’t beat the functionality of JM Flow glass!
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