The Swiss Bottle - Review

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At A Glance:

Overall Rating: 3.5 stars
Aesthetics: 4 stars
Function: 3 stars
Thickness: 4 stars

The “Swiss Bottle” Fab Egg Style Baby Bottle Rig with Polished is a good piece overall. It has an appealing design, great function and is best to be used for concentrates. I have covered three categories to rate the piece: aesthetics, function and thickness. The aesthetic rating is based on the uniform look of the piece, the clean lines, and appealing figure of the piece. Function covers the efficiency of the pipe as you are using it, whether the pipe is a smooth or rough pull, if it puts off great flavors or poor flavors, and if the pipes functioning as it is intended to (like a recycler that actually recycles and doesn’t just appear to be a recycler). The thickness rating covers whether the pipe was made at the appropriate thickness, because going too thick or thin leads to some issues. I hope you all enjoy!

The aesthetics of this piece are pretty cool, the “Fab Egg” design all over the piece gives a really cool look to the baby bottle frame and the 4-hole diffused downstem gives a clean look to the internals of this piece. The mouth piece could be slightly wider, because I think a fatter, slightly shorter mouthpiece would look much nicer on this piece. The narrow hole on the mouthpiece causes the piece to get gunked up at the mouth fairly quickly.This also goes for the joint, it would look much better with a little height taken from the joint and if it were fattened up a little bit.. The polished joint gives a nice clean uniform look to the piece. 4 of 5 on aesthetics.

Very great function from this piece, the fab egg/swiss perc design does a great job of cooling and funneling the smoke. The connections for the egg funnel water through them as they should and the diffused downstem filters smoke minimally, which allows the user to get very flavorful hits. The minimal diffusion and great cooling of the smoke lands this pipe safely in the category of a great concentrate pipe. It is ideal for smaller, more flavorful hits! The polished joint also prevent the dome sticking to the joint, but the joint is too tall for the piece so when using it you are eye level with the nail instead of looking down on it. Due to the nail being eye level makes it harder to see the center of the nail. Also the joint is not a true 90 degree or 45 degree angle which is kind of weird, a 90 degree is best for dabbing because the concentrates do not run down to the front of the nail. 3 of 5 on function.

This piece has the appropriate thickness you are looking for in a glass pipe, it is not too thick or too thin, very sturdy. The joint could be a little wider and thicker. The base is very solid and the mouth piece/lid of the baby bottle is a great thickness, and the diameter of the base is spot on. Even with the galaxy enail attached the piece was very sturdy. This piece is 4mm thick. 4 of 5 stars for thickness.

I have given this piece a great bit of use and after using it for almost 4 days I was able to decide what I really enjoyed and what I did not enjoy. Overall, this is a good piece of glass that could use a few changes to make this pipe an excellent purchase. My ratings are for the aesthetics, how true the functions of the pipe are, the thickness, how well the price reflects the piece, and the quality of craftsmanship. My overall rating for the piece is a 3.5 of 5.

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