Wig Wag Pyramid Pendant Rig - Review

The Wig Wag Pyramid Pendant concentrate piece is an awesome little driver. Standing at four and a half inches tall, it's the perfect piece to keep you feeling right on the go. The piece is shipped with a titanium nail and a thick dome, which is a steal for only $75!

I'm a huge fan of this piece. The glass is thick and sturdy. With such a wide circular base, the piece definitely can not be easily knocked over. I love the look of the pyramid, it's straightforward and the shape naturally prevents any splash-back from occurring. The joint reinforcements compliment the piece well, while simultaneously adding support. The worked glass on my model intertwines orange, blue, and white lines around the neck and on the base. I like that the glass blower chose to leave the chamber of the piece clear glass, enabling users to view the bubbles in action.

The Wig Wag Pyramid Pendant rig is ideal for flavor. With a two hole inline percolator and a very small chamber, the smoke spends little time in the piece and quickly makes it to your mouth. Thus it packs a punch, delivering full flavor hits when taken at low temperatures.

The titanium nail is a phenomenal addition, saving you an extra $20! It's made of good quality titanium, and is adjustable to any dome you desire. The included dome is thick and diagonally cut at the top, enabling users to more easily drop concentrate onto the nail without losing any on the dome's walls. My only issue with the dome is how hot it gets. Due to the thickness, it really retains heat in between hits. This makes it difficult to remove, even after a short session. Further, if you intend to wear this piece as a necklace expect chest burns, cause the dome is sure to scald your skin.

The Wig Wag Pyramid Pendant is a phenomenal purchase for any concentrate user. For $75, you get a solid travel rig with a high quality nail. What else could you ask for? This is the perfect piece to take on a hike or trip when you don't want to risk breaking more expensive glass. The work looks great, and the glass is thick and sturdy. With an inline percolator, this little guy rips and there's zero splash-back. Head to SmokeCartel to scoop the Wig Wag Pyramid Pendant rig. I promise, you'll never want to leave home without it.

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