Nexus Puck Rig - Review

When I picked up the Nexus Puck, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard mixed reviews, and as a person with asthma, I was worried that it might have too harsh of a hit for me - it’s a small piece with very little percolation. However, I decided to try the Puck with an open mind.

When looking at the piece, the aesthetic appeal is definitely obvious - though my Puck at home is clear, there are some lovely versions with colored lip wraps and collaborations with glass blowers that include heady detailing. The logo placement on the puck is well-considered and really pulls together the sleek look of the rig. Pucks generally come in either 10mm or 14mm sizes, with the 14mm version being a little under twice the size of the 10mm. I personally find the 10mm to be a little too small, since the nail sits so close to the mouthpiece. My 14mm fits in my hand really nicely though, and the mouthpiece is a safe distance from the heat of the nail.

Upon hitting the rig, I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how smooth it was. I took a considerable hit, but I didn't find myself coughing like I anticipated. After taking another look at the piece, I realized that the small body of the piece allows the water to bounce off all of its walls as it bubbles, which allows for more diffusion of the smoke. Even though the Puck’s downstem is just a simple diffused stem with holes, it’s the perfect amount of diffusion for concentrate use. My fiance tried the Puck as well with a much bigger hit, and he was also impressed with the function of the rig. Not only does it hit smoothly, it also maintains a lot more of the flavor of your concentrates for a more enjoyable hit.

Overall, the Puck was impressive. Despite its small size, it delivers smooth and tasty hits that won’t (necessarily) make you hack up a lung afterwards. However, the 10mm size is a little small, and the mouthpiece may be too close to the nail for some. A drop down or some other accessory may help to keep the heat away from both the mouthpiece and the piece itself. Otherwise, it’s a sturdy little rig that gets the job done in style.

  • Portable
  • Keeps the Flavor
  • Very smooth hit - water hits roof of puck, gets sloshed around more than in a taller rig.
  • Appealing Design
  • Nail may be too close to face for some
  • Heating the nail may cause stress to the piece - drop down may be necessary.
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