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Titan 1 Vaporizer - Review

Posted by Sean Geng on

I was skeptical to try vaporizing at first. In my eyes the whole process was pointless. I had the pipe and papers, so why would I want to use some space age laser pointer to enjoy my herbs? 

Well, as it turned out, that space laser pointer was pretty cool, and worked like a charm. The Titan was easy to use and fun to enjoy. 

After a brief flip through the instruction booklet I was more than equipped to operate my new Titan. I charged the battery, filled the herb chamber, and turned it on. Viola, I had just vaporized. How could something that had felt so foreign to me feel so easy, so natural?  

The Titan is a device that displays both the power of human ingenuity and the ever evolving world of the industry, and vaporizing is a direction we must be ready to delve into as it becomes more common in day to day interactions. It is an industry that is just about to spread its wings and take off, if it hasn’t done so already.

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