Three Monkey Designs "Magic Lamp" 10-Arm Tree Body Concentrate Rig - Review

3 Monkey Designs have always peaked my interest, and when I happened upon the opportunity to bring home their magic lamp I knew I had to have this sleek piece. It was love at first sight!

The aesthetics are brilliant! It's beautifully crafted with a diffused showerhead downstem, and the 10-arm tree body is mind blowing, I rarely see a piece where the perc is incorporated into the the body, as is with this rig.

It comes equipped with a 14.5mm female quartz banger but I wanted this as a dry herb piece, so I hooked up a nice Sesh Supply 14.5mm female flower bowl to it. After my first use, I realized that this is now my new favorite piece in my collection - easy to clean is an understatement!

So even though this piece has captured my heart, I have to be as non-bias as I can. Here's my list of pros and in all honesty, the only con I have for it.

Pros - Beautiful, hits very clean and strong, ease of use, travel sized, amazing price.
Con - If not careful, it can be knocked over easily due to the aesthetic shape of the base.

In closing, GET IT! DO IT NOW!!

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