Sesh Supply "Ossa" Propellor Perc Faberge Egg Bubbler - Review

So let's talk about how this pipe looks crazy right? I mean, take a look at this freaky sculpture of a water pipe! But let me be honest here - in the case of this water pipe I believe weird is good, and after using it, I think weird is the best when it comes to an awesome tabletop dab rig!

Taking a look at the specs of this mean piece o’ glass, a faberge egg and a fixed ninety degree downstem make up the main components of its form. Dangling from the bottom of that pretty lil’ downstem is this one of kookiest percs I’ve witnessed in a water pipe, the spinning propeller! Blown from numerous kinds of colorful glass, these propellers feature two diffusion holes that both percolate smoke and whirl water to provide you with that basic functionality you need. It’s pretty neat to watch, too. Out of the propellor, the smoke travels up the egg into a slender bent neck. This slender neck is a really useful at adding some extra drag to your pull, while stopping a lot of the nasty splashback. A thick and colorful lip wrap feel like they add a lot of stability for your lips and look good with the matching colored base.

My personal experiences so far with the pipe have been wonderful! I found that a quartz banger worked perfectly on the fixed joint, as I was able to heat the banger safely while getting a good view straight down on the vaporization point. The pull was nice, maybe the propeller sacrifices some of its chug for cool kinetic motion, but this feels negated with the help of the slim neck. Overall, I feel like I’ve gotten more compliments on the amazing spinning action than I have negative feedback about the function. This piece definitely propelled its way straight into my heart, and I plan on getting quite the use out of it!

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