Gilded Glass Showerhead to Turbine Sidecar - Review

Gilded Glass is one of my favorite brands out there! Not only are they Handmade in California but they have the most consistently flawless water pipes on the market. My favourite piece from them in specific is my new Showerhead to Turbine Sidecar! The colour is bubbleless, bright and best of all not a darn flake of imperfection. When I brought this piece home the very first thing I fell for was the 24K Gold decal. It definitely adds a bit more class to this already elegant piece! It even seemed a bit aged which I loved and thought was intentional, but I guess that is just the natural beauty of gold. The Egyptians called gold "The Godly or Divine Metal" because of its luster and unique qualities, one in specific - lasting forever.

As I went to prep this animal for its first use I noticed how perfect the Showerhead in this Gilded piece is, with expertly fired passage ways it roars like a lion awakening! As the bubbles of goodness travel upwards they hit a perfectly laid Turbine. This throws them into a tornado which is easily visible while hitting the piece! Thankfully the offset mouthpiece prevents any/all water from traveling up and out. Because of this phenomenal airflow and “loose” style pull, I would highly recommend this piece for any user flower or concentrate, regardless it is going to blow your mind! *HINT* Just like many shorter water pipes this is not intended for power-vac lungs….. a nice slow, even draw does the trick and will grab ya quick!

Now let’s jump forward in time, a few days and a few sessions. Here we are at the worst part of almost anything... Cleaning. Normally speaking this process takes me quite sometime as I am very particular on little leftover shmutz inside my waterpipes. With this piece cleaning was a breeze, I simply ran it under some warm water to remove the large loose chunks of gook, then shook a bit of alcohol in it to get anything that was left. After about a three minute and nearly effortless process this thing shined like diamond. Good as new!

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