Burner Glassworks Diffused Showerhead Female Joint Sidecar - Review

I have been wanting a piece from Burner Glassworks for a long time now, so I jumped at the chance to take home one of their most popular models, the Showerhead Sidecar in 14.5mm. I used a dropdown adapter and a quartz banger nail to convert it into a very elegant little rig. Burner Glassworks is famous for their precisely engineered percolators and although this is one of their more simple pieces, it is no exception. The flat showerhead that sits directly below the joint is attached to the body with a very wide tube to allow for a huge amount of airflow. Because it can only hold a small quantity of water and it has such powerful airflow, this piece is great for someone like me who likes to get as much flavor as possible from my legal concentrates and loose leaf dry herbs.

There are many bubblers very similar to this one on the market, but what distinguishes the Showerhead Sidecar and everything else that Burner Glassworks produces is the quality of the craftsmanship. It makes me proud to know that this bubbler was made with love by someone in Asheville, North Carolina, where Burner is based. The glass is thick and warble free, and the reinforced mouthpiece sits at a perfect angle for a comfortable smoke.

I plan on using this little bubbler as a nice travel piece, as the small size and gentle percolator make it the ideal multi-function piece for either legal concentrates or dry herbs on the go. The crisply sandblasted Burner Glassworks logo on this pipe ensures that fellow appreciators of the glass industry will know that I smoke out of quality glass. Now excuse me while I continue the rigorous testing that has yielded this review.

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