Smoke Cartel Moves to a New Warehouse - Temporary Slow Packages

Because of the support of customers like you, Smoke Cartel is excited to announce that we are moving to a brand new fulfillment center in Savannah, GA.  The city of Savannah has been good to us, which is why we choose West Savannah as the new location of our headquarters.

West Savannah is an empowerment zone in our city, and we as a company are excited to bring economic development and jobs to this area.

Previously, our offices in Savannah were separated in two different locations, but we have finally consolidated our office spaces into this new world-class fulfillment center and headquarters.  The new building is currently being outfitted with our state of the art custom fulfillment software and order processing system, and will be expected to be a world-class order fulfillment warehouse when completed.  The new digs are a whooping 46,000 square feet and we expect to do ongoing construction and remodeling as the year goes on.

A sneak peak at our new headquarters:

Our goal for the building is to be net-zero energy efficient in 5 years time.  We are exclusively using sustainable building materials and techniques, as well as reclaimed materials as often as possible when completing construction and remodeling.  In fact, we expect to maintain the historic status of this building by restoring many sections to their original glory.

The team here at Smoke Cartel has been all hands on deck all week moving into the space, so packages are temporarily delayed.  Not to worry though, shipments and order fulfillment will resume shortly.

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