Smoke Cartel Gets a New Website

Same quality products.  Top notch service.  Fresh look.

Posted by Sean Geng on

Since our inception, Smoke Cartel has been on the forefront of innovation in our industry.  We're proud to say that we've tackled head-on the challenges of bringing hand-crafted, glassblown products to direct our consumers and offering an exception experience doing so.  To further our drive for innovation, we're happy to launch our brand new website.

When customers first discover Smoke Cartel, whether it'd be from friends, family, referrals, a search, etc; we want to be able to put our best foot forward.  To do so, we completely revamped our user experience of our online store.  From the layout, to the product offerings, to navigation and pricing structure.

We hope our new website gives you a better shopping experience and impression of Smoke Cartel.

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