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How to Keep Your Stash from Going Stale

Posted by Sara Popovic on

Yes, your dry herb can get stale. But what exactly does this mean?

Exposure to light, oxygen, and moisture all cause the cannabinoids inside your bud to quite literally convert into entirely different cannabinoids. Overtime, it becomes less potent, because it has undergone molecular changes.

This means, if you don't take the proper care to protect it, science will make the good parts of your weed disappear like an evil magician/burglar. 

But, no need to worry-- your herbs can stay fresh, potent, and powerful for up to a year if stored properly.

And the proper storage environment depends on several key elements.


One of the key elements that lead to quick degradation of dried herb is light. Harmful UV rays don’t dry up your herbs, but they burn up the most important compounds. These important chemicals are what give your herb its flavor and its potency, so you want to make sure you prevent that from happening.

The simplest way to protect your herbs from harsh UV rays is to keep them in a dark, cool place, or to use a container that is opaque in color.

For example, Stealth Carbon Fiber Smell Proof Bags by Cannaline are completely black, so no light will get inside - and they’re also airtight.


Temperature is another thing that can impact your dried herbs.

High temperatures can cause herbs to dry out and can burn out some important compounds. Mold and mildew also thrive in temperatures around 80 degrees, so just make sure to keep the storage temperature below this number. 

The easiest thing, once again, is to keep your herb in a cool and dark location. However, avoid the common mistake to put your herbs in the fridge. The temperature and humidity fluctuate a lot in the fridge because you frequently open and close it, and mold thrives in those conditions.


You’ve sealed your herb in a black container, you keep it in a cool and dark spot, but it still dried up or developed mold? Humidity is the most likely culprit.

Humidity affects the state of your herbs and how long they stay fresh. And unlike with temperature - humidity can get both too high and too low.

The ideal humidity level for dried flower ranges from 58% to 63%. Even if you keep your herbs in an airtight container, it’ll still be affected by humidity around it - known as ambient humidity. Unless you live in a rainforest, humidity is much lower in your home, and the ideal solution is to use humidity regulators.

These affordable and easy-to-use packs basically turn any airtight container into a humidor. The most popular brand of humidity control packs is Boveda. They make biodegradable packs which contain only natural ingredients and come in a variety of sizes.

The size you need depends on the size of your container. These packs will release or absorb the moisture within the container to keep it at 62%, and there’s also a 58% option which is better if you plan to store your herbs for a longer time.


We couldn’t complete this article without mentioning air-- and, consequently, oxygen. As it’s probably logical to you, too much oxygen speeds up the degradation process and causes herbs to dry out. Too little air on the other hand can change humidity levels and cause mold. The ideal storage solution then, is to place your herbs in an airtight container.

These containers create a vacuum when you close the lid. If you’re looking to store large amounts, a CVault is a fantastic investment.

This bestselling container reigns the storage world for a good reason - it’s made with food grade materials, it’s completely opaque to resist UV rays, it has a silicone lining and sturdy locks to keep the air out. Best of all, it has a pack holder and comes with a properly sized Boveda pack to maintain the ideal humidity level.

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