What is a "510 Threaded" Vape Battery?

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You may have seen the term “510 threaded” when navigating the world of vaporizers and thought, “what does that mean?” Oftentimes the word “universal” is thrown into the mix somewhere, and since pretty much every vaporizer battery has 510 threading, nobody really thinks much harder about it.

But, sometimes knowledge is taken for granted. So, let’s dive into the mystery of 510 threading together, and discover the answers to some of the questions you might have about it. It’ll be great.

What is 510 threading?

510 threading is a term that is used by vaporizer companies to describe the threaded connection in vape batteries. One of the biggest reasons 510 took off as the standard was Joyetech, who manufactured the eGo-T— a popular vape battery you may remember from 2010. It was a simpler time. You may remember puffing on this thing driving to see Scott Pilgrim vs the World while BP’s Deepwater Horizon explosion dumps 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Now that it’s 2020, almost everything in the vaporizer world has changed. Except the 510 thread connection. That stayed exactly the same, and was adopted as the universal standard fit for vape batteries.

There are a few theories for how it got its name. Some say because the connection itself has 10 0.5mm threads. Others say because the first model to employ it had “510” simply in the name of the device, and it stuck. Regardless, it has become the standard for the industry.

Are there any other types of threading besides 510?

In 2008, during the inception of vaporizer technology, there were several different kinds of threading. 808, 901, 601, and 510.

These days, the market is becoming more and more standardized towards 510.

The only other threading you have a chance in hell of encountering now is 601, but they are incredibly rare. We don’t recommend investing too heavily in any 601 threaded vape battery, as there are 510 counterparts available for nearly every item. It’s likely you wouldn’t be able to find one anyway unless you specifically sought it out, and even then, you’d have to make a lot of phone calls.

Within 510 threading, you can have typical “box mod” internal threading, where the battery is the female end and the atomizer is the male end. Or, you can have e-Go threading, which is external— the battery is the male end, and the atomizer is the female end. Adapters are readily available for both.


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