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I am not sure exactly what happened when cavemen discovered fire. I wasn’t there. If I had been, I can assure you it would have gone very differently, and there would have been a lot more crying.

But one thing that is certain is that the discovery of fire was a total game-changer. Suddenly, we could cook food, keep warm, see in the dark, and a cornucopia of other activities.

One of the best uses for fire ended up being using it to ignite herbs, then inhale the smoke into our bodies. The first person who did this must have been an absolute maniac. But clearly it worked out pretty well for them, and they must have gotten high as absolute shit.

For about 200,000 years, smoking was all we had. And it did fine. But then, after about 199,995 years, humans decided to invent a different thing. Fidget spinners. Then, once we’d had enough of those, we invented vaping.

Vaping dry herb emerged as an alternative to smoking, and it quickly grew in popularity to become one of the most popular methods of smoking REDACTED .

When you vape dry herb, you are heating it just below the point of combustion (within the 300-400 degree F range). This means that you’re not inhaling the same chemicals that form during combustion, you’re better preserving the flavor profile of the herb, and you don’t get the same pungent “herbal” smell.

Vaping concentrates is a no brainer, because when you dab, you’re essentially vaporizing it anyway.

Some vaporizers vaporize dry herb. Some vape concentrates. Some can do both. Some vaporizers can even vaporize the Death Star, but we do not sell those.

Many vapes even have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can control temperature, dosage, and preheating right from your phone while you wait for a past sexual partner to text you the next time they are free to meet up (they are not going to).

Let’s address the elephant in the room— hey elephant, fuck you buddy. Now let’s address the other elephant in the room— “But I thought vaping was supposed to kill you?”

Well, as long as you stick to certified lab tested cartridges and juices, you are not going to be vaporizing any untested, “sketchy AF” fillers. Just don’t buy any off the dark net. Stick to the regular net. No, not the one your pappy uses to catch trout. Although, that is a nice net. Can you ask him where he bought that?


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