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Top Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals on Cannabis Accessories

You can’t just get a ziplock bag of dry herb from the guy at AutoZone and start puffing away. Smoking requires a number of accessories. Some are crucial, others make the experience better, and some are just fun hats.

If you’ve already got a set up you like, maybe it’s time to treat yourself to an upgrade. You’ve had a long year. You deserve it. You know that grinder is a piece of shit. Why are you still smoking out of that gas station bowl? Imagine how good that bud would be if you kept it in an airtight, humidity controlled stash box.

The endless list of questions goes on. And before now, you had a decent excuse. “It’s not Black Friday/Cyber Monday.” Well, that excuse is paper thin my friend. Because guess what’s coming up soon? That’s right: National Deviled Egg Day (November 2nd).

But after that, it’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Well, not right after that, but you get the idea.

And this Black Friday, we better not see you in a mob tackling a lady over a microwave that has an Alexa in it. Not during this pandemic.

Shop online, upgrade your setup, smoke some kush, and then you’ll forget all about wanting to go to Target for a nice flannel.

Accessorie for Bongs & Dab Rigs

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