Top 4/20 Deals on Dab Rigs and E-Rigs

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Smoke that kush is awesome, but dabbing is a killer when you want something that completely obliterates your mind and soul in a couple of seconds. Plus, concentrates have expanded into so many more different widely available forms and territories that the art of dabbing is now more accessible than ever.

Check out our dab guide here if you don't know what the heck we're talking about, or if you'd like to learn the full scope of the territory's expansion.

We now have a massive, ever-growing market of dab rigs that cater to virtually any weird idea you have. And we at Smoke Cartel, we have just as many 420 deals for dab rigs and e-rigs this year as we do with our herb tools.

Don’t worry too much even if you’re not used to rigs. Dabbing is ideal if you became a bit bored with weed and need something to give you that high feeling you had when you first smoked a joint on a parking lot with your friends, giggling and hiding from people that weren’t even there.

Dabbing gives you that “newbie” feeling even if you have already dabbed before, you only need to upgrade your setup with a better rig or a smart one, if you’re into innovations.

Really, if it was ever a good time to try dabbing and get a nice rig, it’s this 4/20. Not only will you get it at a better price, but you’ll also have a new companion who’ll make you forget about all the chaos of the year and carry you into a state of pure bliss and ignorance.

We have glass rigs for traditional folks - huge, tiny, with recycler tubes, percolated, and everything in between. We’ve got silicone ones for clumsy people, adventurers and those who like their gear colorful and themed. And of course e-rigs for techno geeks, those who’re afraid of burning their room with a torch, and people who like to be in full control.

So if you’re into dabbing or want to get into it, you definitely need to check out what we’ve prepared for you for this 4/20.

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