Top 10 Best Cannabis Pet Accessories of 2023

By Sean Geng in 2023

Cannabis pet products is a rapidly growing segment that is providing lots of value to your furry friend.  

We get it.  Your dog, cat, or other animal is your best friend.  And as cannabis laws change in the United States and abroad, many people are showing their support alongside their best furry friend with products like cannabis themed pet accessories.

We've sourced a number of high quality, counterculture themed pet accessories like leashes, collars, dog toys, and more - so you can deck out your pet companion.

What do customers often consider when choosing cannabis pet accessories?

  • Material: Is it designed to be durable and comfortable for your pet?  Will it irritate their fur and skin, or be breathable and comfortable?
  • Features: We've found that great pet accessories themed for cannabis lifestyle contain hidden stash pockets, glass pendant holders, and more.
  • Style: Of course, it should be stylish.  We've got some of the trendiest, coolest designs on high quality fabric.

Smoke Cartel's curated selection of the top cannabis dog and cat accessories are customer reviewed, user tested, and carefully vetted.

2023 Top 10 Top Cannabis Pet Accessories

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