The Most Unique Hand Pipes Buyer's Guide

  1. Thinnest Innovative Airpath Hand Pipe
  2. Best Value Cosmic Bubbler
  3. Luxury Wood Infused Bubbler
  4. Best Glass Blunt
  5. Classiest Wood and Glass Hybrid Spoon
  6. And the award for Breast Hand Pipe goes to...
  7. Most Memorable Bubbler Design
  8. The Modern Dugout
  9. Best Scientific Gandalf Pipe

Many people think of hand pipes as the smoking accessory equivalent of “basic ass b******.” In a world filled with who-dats, what-nows, wingbams, bongs that can smoke quinoa, and vapes that can drive, it’s easy to think hand pipes are just lame rocks with holes in them.

The good news is, if you think that, you are an idiot. While you weren’t looking, hand pipes evolved with the times, too. A hand pipe is like a snowflake— there are an infinite amount, no two are the same, and if enough of them fall from the sky it is a disaster.

You could probably find a hand pipe out there to suit literally any concept in your mind. A pipe that’s also a coffee mug? Oh yeah. 3D printed pipes? Yep, they’re a thing. A pipe shaped like a dick? That’s a whole subcategory.

If you just try to search “unique hand pipe” in Google, based case scenario your head will explode. So we decided to round up some of our top picks. These are the most unique of the unique. The unique hand pipes that make you go, “Wow, now THAT is a unique hand pipe,” or more succinctly, "F***!!!"

Glass Hand Pipes

Genius Pipe - Glass Hand Pipes


On Sale! Save 28%

Genius Pipe


Weedgets Maze Pipe - Glass Hand Pipes


Weedgets Maze Pipe


The Candycane Rasta Striped Mini Bubbler - Glass Hand Pipes


On Sale! Save 6%

The "Candycane" Rasta Striped Mini Bubbler


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