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The Cutest Bongs

A cute bong is a bong with a little extra flair or style beyond that of functionality. Let’s take a look at some of our best selling (and in our opinion, cutest) bongs!

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Bongs come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. This means that once you select the bong that fits your cannabis style preferences and budget, you can choose one that also shows off your personality.


What is a Cute Bong?

A cute bong is a bong with a little extra flair or style beyond that of functionality. A cute bong may be a percolator or beaker bong. It may be a dab rig or a vibrant-colored recycler. It’s all up to your own personal style!

Let’s take a look at some of the best selling (and in our opinion, cutest) bongs:


Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler

The Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler is one of our favorite girly bongs. At only six inches in height with a unique design, it’s comfortable, discreet, and cute. This freezable water pipe gives you a chill experience. The UV reactive top also glows in the dark. Even better, the Cooling Freeze Travel Cup Bubbler fits in a cupholder, making it a functional and pretty bong.


Piecemaker UniKorn Silicone Unicorn Bong

Show off your mythical side with the Piecemaker UniKorn Silicone Unicorn Bong, which is sure to turn a few heads. This cute, fun bong is in the shape of a unicorn, complete with a rainbow horn and tail. Don’t forget to name your unicorn because he’s sure to become your new BFF. This bong even comes with an unbreakable downstem for improved durability.


Teddy Donut Flower Bowl

Already have a cannabis rig you love? Add this Teddy Donut bowl to it for a bright, cute design. This high-quality piece has icing, sprinkles, and a cute teddy bear. The colored, thick glass is durable with a filtration system, sure to improve your smoking experience.


Love Heart Shaped Glass Bong

Show off your style and sophistication with the Love Heart Shaped Glass Bong. The heart bong gives off a flirty fun vibe. Even better, this durable bong is also made with borosilicate glass, giving you an appealing design and even more functional use. This bong is also a favorite because the built-in diffuser smooths out your smoke before it ever reaches your lips. Complete with a smooth mouthpiece and diffused downstem, it’s likely to become your favorite bong.


Bongs USA Floral Silicone Bong

Simple and subtle best describes the Bongs USA Floral Silicone Bong. This girly-themed bong comes in a pale purple color with white flowers. Also, just because it’s feminine doesn’t mean it’s anything less than durable. This bong is made with BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone materials that are unbreakable. Straight tube bongs are perfect for easy use. Take the bong with you on the go for a night out you’ll always remember.


“Luck” Chinese Porcelain Vase Bong

Show off your classic vibes with the Luck Chinese Porcelain Vase Bong. At first glance, this bong gives off an elegant, timeless vibe that looks great on the counter or as a centerpiece in your dining room. With a matching stash container and coasters, this bong set is also discreet. After a long day, open it up, add in your favorite dry herb strain, a few drops of water, and torch it up. When you’re done, clean out this glass water pipe, and set it back up for display.


Lava Lamp Silicone Water Pipe

Enjoy a psychedelic experience with the Lava Lamp Silicone Water Pipe. This water pipe comes in a fun combination of colors including neon green and blue. It has an inline perc and is made with damage-resistant, silicone materials. This is one of the top percolator bongs because mimics your own lava lamp and is sure to take you back to your favorite retro era of the 70s and 80s.


What Makes Bongs Fun?

Once you find the perfect bong, it’ll become an extension of you. Similar to choosing an outfit or accessory to wear out, it can also be fun to play around with different bong designs. Unique shapes and colors or decals can give your smoking accessories a fun twist.

Consider your style when choosing the best bong design for you. Perhaps you want a bong with a bright LED color to show off your vibrant personality. Maybe you want a bong with sparkles that matches your flirty style. Because water bongs are available in different styles, you can easily find one that matches your preferences.

If you don’t want to buy a new bong, or already have one that you love, you can always dress yours up with stoner accessories. Fun lighters or glass bowl grinders can help you personalize your experience. Mini bongs in a glow in the dark color or iridescent pink bongs are all fun options.

If you want something more subtle, consider a bong with a fun character or mythical creature on top. Cute bongs can also be collectible items that double as décor in your home or bedroom. Match your bong to your bedroom colors or go with something smaller, and more discreet.

Checkout all the cute and fun acrylic vaporizers or perc bongs from Smoke Cartel – your favorite online headshop.


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