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Top 4/20 Bong Deals

Okay, but really, is there a way to celebrate 4/20 without a bong? We are a head shop, we love all smoking tools and accessories, but damn, nothing can replace...

By Smoke Cartel

1 Minute Read


How Does A Bong Work?

So you've been wondering why bongs pack such a punch . . .

By Smoke Cartel

4 Minute Read


Percolators 101: Perc Bongs to Know

Get to know best-selling percolators with this simple guide to inline percs, tree percs, matrix percs, and more!

By Smoke Cartel

5 Minute Read


How to Buy A Bong

Get to know the best bongs before you buy. Find the right size, the right percs, and the right price.

By Smoke Cartel

4 Minute Read

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