How to Clean a One Hitter Pipe

Cleaning your pieces may seem like a task as hard as changing your oil, but never fear: we'll teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

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Stoners often fall under the negative perception that we’re lazy, dirty, and consistently high. Well, maybe we are always high, but if there’s one stereotype we won’t fall under, it’s being lazy and dirty. Cleaning your pieces may seem like a task as hard as changing your oil, but let’s be honest, stoners are resourceful and know to work smarter, not harder. We have an easy and failproof way to clean your one-hitter pipe, and this method can also be applied to bong mouthpieces, bowls, and other glass pipes or silicone pipes you may smoke out of to ensure you are taking resin buildup-free rips.


Why Cleaning Your Cannabis Pieces With A Sterile Solution Is Important For Your Health And Safety (And How It Helps You Have A Better Smoke Session)

Between puff puff passing your glass pieces between friends or even strangers, and constantly lighting up with sticky bud, it’s bound to happen that your piece will end up getting resin buildup and even harbor types of bacteria. Cleaning with just boiling water is not enough to ensure that the nasty stuff inside doesn’t actually harm your lungs, throat, or mouth. Find a cleaning method that works well for you, and ensure that your glass pieces are sparking and crystal clear and ready for the next session. Can cleaning a piece really make you higher? While that is undetermined, it’s possible people think this way because smoking out of a clean piece actually ensures you are getting the correct dose of cannabis on your hit.


The Supplies You’ll Need To Create A Cleaning Solution For Your One Hitter Pipe And Other Glass Pieces

Start off by gathering all the necessary supplies, most of which you might already have laying around your pad:

  • Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol

  • A Ziploc bag

  • Tablespoons of sea salt

  • Warm water

  • A Q-tip, paperclip, or pipe cleaner to clean in the parts that are hard to reach to get the extra gunk out.

Cleaning a glass one-hitter piece is going to be pretty similar to cleaning a metal one-hitter, as both are easy enough and typically require basically the same supplies. Alternatively, purchase a premade cleaning solution to get the same results. Isopropyl alcohol is your best friend when cleaning your pipe, but it is highly flammable alone, so don’t go dousing your chillum in it and then lighting up. If your one hitter is of a different material than metal or glass, check to see whether it will be harmed by the rubbing alcohol.


How To Deep Clean Your Metal One Hitter And Your Glass One Hitter

Cleaning a metal one-hitter and a glass one-hitter both require the same set of supplies and follow the same easy steps:

  1. Start by collecting your supplies and place the piece inside a plastic bag and put your piece in it. Add in the isopropyl alcohol until the piece is fully submerged.

  2. Add 2-3 ounces of hot water, add a tablespoon of salt, and now you are ready for the cleaning portion!

  3. Just tightly close the bag, and shake the bag hard enough to lose the debris inside. The water will start to turn darker, that is all the buildup coming out of the pipe!

  4. If vigorously shaking your piece in a flimsy ziploc is not your vibe, just use one of the premade cleaning solutions available for sale, including the Grandmaster Smoke Biodegradable and Reusable Cleaning Solution that gloriously eliminates the need for shaking (despite containing no acetone or filler salts, the solution cuts grime and resin deposits layered deep in your glass and ceramic to restore them like new. Just let it soak for about an hour, rinse, and repeat.)

Stoners are resourceful as we all know, so if either of these cleaning hacks don’t do it for you, there are other ingredients and methods to get your piece looking like a new one-hitter. Try a more natural solution made of salt and vinegar or baking soda and vinegar to get similar results. You can use boiling water or just literally place your piece in a pot of boiling water as well (but be careful not to break your piece when doing so!). Finally, use a pipe cleaner or paperclip to scrape out the buildup. Before you know it, you are ready to start smoking again! Don’t forget to rinse all the chemicals out before lighting up for a smoke session.


How Often You Should Clean Your One-Hitter And Tips To Keep It Clean

Keeping your one-hitter clean after a deep cleaning session doesn't have to be time-consuming. It’s recommended to just rinse with water and use a pipe cleaner after each session. Utilize the deep cleaning method every few days to keep your piece clean, safe, and always ready to smoke out of.

Check out Smoke Cartel for new one-hitter pieces to add to your collection!

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