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How to Buy A Bong

Get to know the best bongs before you buy. Find the right size, the right percs, and the right price.

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All tokers need at least one bong. The nice thing is, you don't have to spend a fortune to for a top shelf bong either. Options range from popular brands with endless percolation and high-art quality to the best cheap bongs -- like a thick glass beaker that won't break the bank.

What is a bong? A bong is a method of smoking (or dabbing) that uses water to cool and detoxify inhales. Bongs come in all different shapes and sizes to suit your personal needs, the most popular being straight tube bongs, beaker bongs, and perc bongs. 

Let’s dive into some essential features and types of bongs to help you find your perfect piece.

Does Size Matter?

Many individuals assume that the bigger the bong, the better. And we can't lie: these sky-high bongs look badass in a glass collection. If you're a beginner, though, a giant bong it will also give you a heavy hit that new smokers might not find enjoyable.

If you're just starting out, but want a bit of size: try the Sesh Supply Persophone. It's 14-inches and so thick you could bash an intruder after giving it a rip. It's the perfect price to start getting a feel for your personal lung-power and percolator preferences.

Small bongs are often called "flavor savers" as they keep the flavor profile of your inhale. Smaller bongs are also great for it portability and travel use.

Sesh Supply Nymph Propeller Small Beaker Bong

However, many find too small of bongs to be a bit harsh. Fortunately, Sesh Supply is on it: their portable "Nymph" bong took home 2nd place for "Best Glass" at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

A 10-inch to 12-inch bong makes a great daily driver for both experts and beginners.

Types of Bongs

In recent years, cannabis has become legalized all around the world, which means mind-blowing new types of bongs coming to the market. Here are the types of bongs to know if you're looking to buy your first bong:

Glass bongs remain a timeless favorite. Thick glass is best. 

Silicone bongs, like the popular Roll-Uh-Bowl, have become a hit for those with wanderlust (or butterfingers). Medical grade silicone is unbreakable and dishwasher safe.

Orange Roll Uh Bowl - Silicone Bong - Photo courtesy of Leafly

Perc bongs (aka percolator bongs) add extra diffusion to the water filtration with next-level hydrodynamics. Too many percs can create "drag" -- the resistance you feel on an inhale. Bestselling percs include the inline perc, propeller perc, and honeycomb perc.

Perc Bong - Sesh Supply "Scylla" Water Pipe

Ice bongs let you add a refreshing finish to every puff, courtesy of a few ice cubes. An advanced alternative are glycerin bongs which you can store right in the freezer.

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