Does CBD Expire? (How to Keep CBD Oil Fresh)

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Nothing in this world lasts forever. Love, milk, grapes— they’ll all go bad eventually. And if you’re a consumer of CBD, you may be wondering if the clock is ticking on that, too.

Keeping your CBD fresh and knowing how it can be properly stored will ensure you reap the maximum benefits hemp can provide, and make the most of your investment in quality consumables.

Does CBD Go Bad?

CBD oil's shelf life generally depends on a variety of conditions. An extraction prepared with glycerins will degrade much quicker than one distilled with pure alcohol. Generally CBD oil should last 1 to 2 years reliably, but alcohol based formulations can last up to decades if stored properly.

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Other ingredients added to oils like flavoring or additional substances may expire before the CBD does, degrading the entire formulation.

Regardless of the quality, each bottle should have a clearly printed expiration date to account for any variance in specific products.

How Do I Know if My CBD Oil is Expired?

Any change in color is a good indication that the oil has gone bad. Expired CBD oil may become milky or opaque. It may also undergo changes in viscosity, becoming thicker and losing its smooth fluidity.

A change is smell is also a good indicator. Fresh CBD oil will have an invigorating, earthly aroma, while expired CBD oil may be more reminiscent of skunk and musk.

How Do I Store CBD Oil?

Keep it cool, dark, and sealed.

You’ve probably read the blurb on the back of countless bottles, “Store in a cool, dark place.” If you are in a dark place, reach out to your loved ones. But if your CBD is in a dark place, that’s actually a good thing.

Ever wondered why bottles of CBD oil or other extracts are darker tinted glass, bordering on opaque? That’s to keep light out. Sunlight penetrating into the oil will quickly degrade its integrity.

CBD can be stored at room temperature, between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s not absolutely necessary to refrigerate it, but you can if you prefer a chilled oil— which can be very tasty and refreshing. The only exception to this is CBD flower, which will degrade quickly if refrigerated. You can freeze it if you’d like to save some for a possible apocalypse.

Lastly, you want to make sure you keep your CBD oil sealed and preferably in the original container. This is because however you bought it is usually optimized for long term storage.

Tips to Make CBD Last Longer

  • Avoid storing in places with high humidity
  • Avoid storing near a window or open source of light
  • Avoid storing near radiators or ovens
  • Avoid storing in pockets or purses long-term
  • Avoid storing in the car
  • Open only when in use and promptly seal tightly afterwards
  • Store air-tight in the original container
  • Store in a cabinet, drawer, or panty
  • Store bottles upright rather than horizontal
  • Ensure any replacement container is dark, tinted, and airtight

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