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Best Smell-Proof Bags

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Every serious smoker should have a great smell-proof bag. It can be a life saver in certain situations and it allows you to be as low key as possible when you’re packing precious herbs. In this guide, we'll show you some of our favorite smell-proof bags, and what you need to know when shopping for one.

RYOT Slym Smell-Proof Case

This stylish premium case has a hard shell on the outside and a padded interior that keeps everything in check. It’s very elegant and highly functional.

The interior includes RYOT’s proprietary SmellSafe Carbon technology that traps and neutralizes all odors. The case resembles a high-end sunglasses case so it will never raise any eyebrows.

An extremely durable smell-proof case from a company that makes fantastic products, including the legendary GR8TR grinder.

Cali Crusher Smell-Proof Duffle Bag

This fantastic duffle bag (available in both large and compact sizes) has enough space to store all of your herbs, smoking accessories, and then some. No, seriously - you can probably fit your bong or dab rig in this thing.

And the best part is that you’ll never have to worry about it breaking. The bag’s interior has thick padding and adjustable straps so you can easily secure all of your gear. The outside is extremely well constructed and durable.

It’s made with weather-resistant materials and completed with activated carbon. If you’re looking for a travel companion that will never let you down, you’ve found it.

Stealth Carbon Fiber Smell Proof Bags

When it’s time to transport, these Stealth Carbon Fiber bags are the weapon of choice. With looks similar to dispensary bags, they’re made to food-grade specs and have these foil lines that ensure that nothing spills or gets contaminated. They have an airtight seal so your precious concentrates will be secure and odorless.

NEKKTAR BUZZBOXX Special Edition Black Odor Proof Storage Container

The Buzzboxx is a unique storage container. It’s made from 3 pieces that can house up to three pre-rolls in the central compartment. The bottom is big enough to hold 1 gram of herbs, edibles or anything else similar in size. It’s a sleek storage container made from premium materials with a matte rubber finish and it’s completely waterproof and smell-proof. Travel friendly!

Ooze Smell Proof Backpack

A quality backpack inspired by OG school bags. It’s got a fully carbon lined interior that will neutralize all odors. It’s also equipped with large zipper pockets and a laptop sleeve that allow you to organize all of your essentials and reach them easily. One of the pockets is secured with a 3-digit combination lock. It’s a fantastic adventure-ready backpack made by people who specialize in travel-friendly bongs.


How Do Smell Proof Bags Work?

Odor-proof accessories come in many variants and thus utilize different methods to lock in the smell. And for smell-proof bags, activated carbon is king. You’ll find that most quality smell-proof bags have this carbon lining with lots and lots of micro pockets. The activated charcoal absorbs all the smell and thus the micro pockets act like a sponge that prevents the smells from escaping the bag. The added benefit of activated carbon is that it doesn’t require an airtight seal to work.

There are also smaller bags that do not rely on activated carbon to prevent odors. Those usually have some kind of an airtight ziplock mechanism or utilize vacuum to achieve the same result.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Smell-Proof Bag?

What you end up buying will ultimately be what you feel suits you the most. There’s a ton of options out there. Disposable and reusable bags, wallets, pouches, fanny packs, backpacks, duffle bags… anything you can think of exists in a smell-proof variant.

With that being said, let’s get something obvious out the door. Reusable bags are much, much better than disposable ones. Disposable bags are always smaller and prone to tearing and breaking. They need to be thrown after a single use. They’re bad for the environment and you need to keep a constant supply of them on hand. And that’s not very handy. That’s not to say they don’t have their use, because they will work wonders in certain circumstances - like gifting herbs to a friend, for example.

Like we’ve mentioned before, reusable bags come in all shapes and sizes. You can easily replace all of your gear with smell-proof variants. This makes them extremely versatile and practical in everyday use as they’re a part of your wardrobe and not something you get rid of anytime soon. They’re the obvious choice for personal, everyday usage.

Material and Capacity

Most disposable bags are made from plastic, carbon fiber, or a certain type of food-grade material. They’re easily concealable because of the color and their smaller size. This makes them pretty great for carrying small amounts with zero worries.

Reusable smell-proof bags are made from all kinds of durable materials and fabrics. Bamboo, cotton, and nylon are just some of the popular materials used. High quality smell-proof bags are made from a combination of all kinds of materials that make them durable and they keep your herbs fresh. There are also waterproof variants out there which are great for obvious reasons.

Padding and Protection

A reusable smell-proof bag is almost always padded and cushioned so that your herbs and smoking gear don’t get lost in transit. This also helps with odors staying inside the bag rather than escaping out.

To further cement their smell-proof nature, bag manufacturers often do their best to include the best quality zippers. These are usually combined with a hook-and-loop or velcro - both for extra security and to keep the odors out of the picture.

Additional protection is a necessity when you’re carrying valuable stuff. That’s why a lot of bigger bags have trustworthy integrated locks. These simple mechanisms are combination locks that you’ll find on a lot of high quality smell-proof bags and backpacks. If you happen to go for a double-zipper bag, you can easily protect it with your own padlock.

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