Best Smell Proof Backpacks of 2022

By Sean Geng in 2022

The smell proof, odor resistant, K9 tested dry herb storage option.  

Sometimes, your herb can be loud and smelly.  It's better to stay discreet and keep your odors hidden.  That's why so many people are searching for smell proof bags and backpack options.

Luckily, at Smoke Cartel, we're done our research and have the best smell proof backpack, duffle bag, and bag options for you.

What do customers often consider when choosing a smell proof bag?

  • Material: We recommend carbon lined options for bags, or vaccum sealed or mylar bags for baggies.
  • Storage Size: How much can you store in your bag?  We have options for every kind of use case.
  • Style: It might as well look good, right?  Because you deserve to travel and transport in style.

Smoke Cartel's curated selection of the top smell proof dry herb storage options are perfect choices are customer reviewed, user tested, and carefully vetted.

2022 Top Smell Proof Backpacks

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