Best CBD Flower for Daytime Energy

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CBD can be used for a number of different purposes. Since it's non-psychoactive, it won’t prevent you from doing what you need to do throughout the day. Instead, it can help you to feel more focused, and might even combat any inflammation-based pain.

However, it’s important to choose a correct flower if you want to have an energetic, creative and stress-free day.

Sativa vs Indica

If you plan to smoke during the daytime or in the morning, a sativa strain is the best way to go (yes, CBD flower comes in Indica and Sativa strains, too). 

Sativas are known to boost creativity, energy and alertness, and also have anti-inflammatory properties to fight pain.

One of the major and most-researched terpenes found in Sativa is Pinene. This terpene does many things, including possibly fighting inflammation, improving memory function and alertness. It’s also believed it’s the “happy” terpene, providing uplifting and euphoric effects we relate to Sativa flowers.

Another thing that people frequently associate with Sativa is that they feel more sociable, making it a good companion if you’re an introvert or simply need a bit of help to speak with everyone you’ll meet throughout the day.

Overall, Sativa buds are great for morning and daytime use. Strains with high CBG levels are getting more and more popular too.

In any case, you’ll need to experiment with a couple of strains before you find your sweet spot. We selected a few of our favorites that we think are the best starting point.

Sour Lifter

from Cheef Botanicals

Sour Lifter is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will calm you down without making you feel lethargic. It has a lower CBD percentage than most Indicas, becoming appropriate for daytime use.

The main terpenes present in this strain are Myrcene, which has powerful pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, and Pinene, a therapeutic terpene which also boosts mood and focus.

The White (CBG Pre-Rolls)

from Tulip Tree Gardens

What is CBG, you may ask? A rare, highly sought-after, and exciting cannabinoid with tons of potential benefits. Tulip Tree Gardens now offer it in a convenient pre-roll form, so you can just light it up with your morning coffee without needing to roll as soon as you wake up.

As it name implies, White CBG was specifically bred to have high levels of CBG. It offers the cannabinoid’s therapeutic effects, becoming an ideal option if you struggle with any kind of pain. It’s a preferred choice among CBD users for day time, because it doesn’t make you feel lethargic or drowsy.


from Cheef Botanicals

Developed from Lowryder and Power Plant genetics, Goliath is a great addition to your morning routine. Cheef Botanicals decided to include Goliath in their premium flower range, because they wanted to offer something that offers a higher level of the increasingly popular CBG.

That makes Goliath unique is that it offers a 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBG. CBD already has anti-inflammatory properties, but CBG adds a boost with its pain-relieving effect. That makes it an ideal strain if you struggle with any kind of pain throughout the day.

Goliath also provides a sense of calm, but without making you feel lethargic. It can be used in the evening for sleep too, but only if you decide to use very high doses.


from Cheef Botanicals

Tangie is another flower offered by Cheef Botanicals, and is a great choice if you’re a morning person.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a favorite of many daytime smokers, and the most commonly reported effect is improved mood, a sense of tranquility and better focus. That makes it appropriate for a wake-and-bake session, as it won’t make you feel tired during the day.

This fun strain is also great for creativity, and has a rich flavor with a unique mix of fruity, savory and earthy notes.

How to Make the Most of CBD During the Day

Unlike cannabis that can slow you down and prevent you from doing anything serious, CBD can be an awesome option for daytime.

Make sure you focus on CBG and Sativa strains though, because they’ll help you fight stress, stay focused and be creative without making you lethargic. We all react differently to CBD and CBG, so it’s a good idea to experiment with a couple of options before you find what really works for you.

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