7 Vape Tricks to Impress

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by Rebecca Hill, guest contributor 

Vaping is slowly but surely permeating the mainstream, appealing to an audience young and old with customizable flavors and vaping rigs. Nowadays, it’s as much an expression of art and individuality as it is a method of weaning off cigarettes.

People used to be drawn to smoking as a display of rebellion and maturity, but now that the devastating effects of cigarettes are common knowledge. it’s no longer cool to be seen sucking on one. Teenagers and young adults today are turning to vaping as a healthier alternative and are finding a welcoming, artistically-inclined community.

If you’re new to vaping, you’ll meet people who can perform vape tricks that leave you stunned and scratching your head. These tricks take a lot of practice and knowledge of technique, but there’s no reason you can’t do them yourself.

Here are 7 vape tricks that will make you look like a seasoned pro in no time:


1: Ghost hit

This is one of the easier vaping tricks so it’s a good one to start with. You may also have heard it called a "snap inhale" or "mushroom cloud." You release a ball of vapour and then quickly snap it back into your mouth.

How To Do It: Take a long pull of your vape and let the vapor linger in your mouth a few moments. Push it out in a ball and snap it back into your mouth before it’s fully released.


2: The Dragon

This is a spectacular trick that looks like you’re breathing vapor out from four holes. It’s instantly impressive and not hard to do.

How To Do It: Take a long pull but don’t inhale it down. Exhale the vapour forcefully through your nostrils and each side of your mouth to produce four streams.


3: Waterfall

This one is pretty cool. You’ll look like a mad scientist and be a hit at parties.

How To Do It: Take a water bottle and fill it only a quarter with water. Allow to freeze in the freezer and then take out. Take a long pull of your rig and blow the vapour into the bottle, then tip it over to pour. The vapour will release like a slow, thick waterfall.


4: Vape bubbles

This one involves a couple of props but is extremely fun. I mean, who doesn't love bubbles?! 

How To Do It: Slice the bottom off of a plastic water bottle. Mix up some soapy water in a small bowl using hand or dish soap. Dip the bottle into the suds and exhale your vape through the opening. A giant vapor-filled bubble will result.


5: The Tornado

You’ll need a flat surface and some dexterity for this one, but it’s worth it when the result is a homemade tornado.

How To Do It: Take a long pull and exhale over your flat surface, trying to keep the vapour as still and as thick as possible. Chop up the vape with your hand and use your whole arm to whip it upwards. This will create a miniature tornado that will have everyone around you freaking out.


6. ClassicFrench inhale

You may recognize this trick as one of Snoop Dogg’s signatures. Exhale upwards out of the mouth and inhale the vapor back into your nostrils.

How To Do It: Take a strong pull but don’t inhale it down. Once the vapor has settled, open your mouth and push out your lower jaw. The vapor will naturally release in a thick upwards curtain. Inhale through your nose to look like you can run with the big dogs.


7: Blow “O’s”

Smoke O’s are the essential trick that seasoned cigarette smokers have made iconic. The same principles apply when performing them with a vape rig.

How To Do It: Take a strong pull and keep it in your throat. Press your tongue down and back. Form your lips into an “O” shape and push a small amount of vapor out with a pulsing motion. Think of a subtle cough. The size of “O” you make with your lips will translate into how large your vapor ring is.


Of course, to do any of these tricks you’ll first need a high-quality vape rig that can produce adequate amounts of vapor reliably. And make sure you purchase from a reputable dealer who can help guide you towards the best vape and liquid e juice for your needs. Welcome to the family!

Rebecca Hill is the community manager at iBliss Vapor, a Canadian e-juice manufacturer that helps people get away from smoking and move towards a healthier lifestyle.


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