E-Juice Bottle Safety Tips and Reminders

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by British Solomon, Guest Contributor

When it comes to vaping and smoking, the jury is out with its verdict: Vaping is much safer than smoking.

However, vaping still has its own set of risks to remember for your safety and the safety of others. Here are some things to remember in order to enjoy vaping safely: 

Remember the Danger of Nicotine in High Doses
Hopefully, you already know that contrary to one of its common name, e-juice should not be treated and consumed like regular juice or beverage. It is important to remember that nicotine in high doses can cause serious internal damage to the body. Children and pets are at high risk of consuming nicotine in high doses if e-juice is not stored and cared for properly.

Any high doses of nicotine taken through swallowing or absorption through the skin can cause serious health damages. Although it is far more toxic to children and animals, adults not aware of an e-juice bottle’s content could become sick from high nicotine exposure. This is why one of the most important steps in vaping is the proper storage of your e-liquid, away from curious hands and noses .

Store E-juice Properly in a Cool, Dark Place 
To keep it out the wrong hands and increase the longevity of your e-juice, it is recommended you store your bottles in a cool and dark place.

For some, this means storing your bottles in a cool cabinet away from sunlight. If you choose to refrigerate your e-juice, make sure proper precautions are in order, as refrigerators are easily accessible to children. Store it a separate, lockable container on the highest shelf behind the Chinese leftovers. 

Use a Lock if Necessary
As previously mentioned, children and pets are at the highest risk of consuming nicotine in high doses. Sometimes, simply storing your e-juice on a high shelf or cabinet is not enough. Extra precautions should be taken to keep e-juice out of harm’s way. Consider placing a lock outside of the cabinet you store your e-juice. It is better to go the extra mile when establishing safe vaping habits.

Never Leave Your E-juice Laying Around!
It goes without saying that you shouldn’t leave e-juice laying around the house. Just as you wouldn't leave prescription drugs or toxic cleaning products out, you shouldn’t leave e-juice out either. E-liquids come in a variety of flavors and scents that can be appealing to young children.

Always be mindful when taking out new e-juice bottles, changing them, or disposing of empty bottles to place them back in their secure location out of the reach of children.

Make Sure Bottle Tops Seal on Properly
It is also important that the bottle tops on your e-liquid stay sealed properly. Loose caps make it easier for the e-juice to leak, as well as making it easier for small children to open bottles.

If you experience a leak of e-liquid in your refrigerator, you need to clean the area thoroughly and dispose of anything that has been contaminated.

If the unfortunate event occurs and a child or someone consumes a high dosage of nicotine, seek medical help immediately. Call the national Poison Control Center IMMEDIATELY at (800) 222-1222 and follow instructions to minimize negative effects. 

Even for those taking the strictest safety measures to prevent an accident, it would be wise to save the number in your phone and have it written down in a location for everyone to see. With these tips in mind, you will be able to enjoy vaping safely.

British Solomon is a contributing writer and media specialist for Terra Vida. She regularly produces content for a variety of cannabis health and lifestyle blogs.

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