Can You Recycle & Repurpose Your E-Juice Bottles?

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by British Solomon, Guest Contributor

Recently, vaping and e-cigarettes have gained popularity across the world. This is mainly because they provide a better and healthier alternative to smoking. In addition, it is environment-friendly since it reduces pollution caused by cigarette butts.

Portable vaporizers and e-cigarette pens are made to be either recharged or reused several times before being disposed of. However, most e-cigarette users don't consider that e-juice bottles must also be disposed of. Below are two major ways of disposing of empty e-juice bottles. 

E-juices are produced in different flavors and are sold in either plastic or glass bottles of different sizes. Most of these bottles range from 5ml to 30 ml in different shapes and sizes. Some individuals like to explore different flavor and the bottles may accumulate after some time of use.

What do you do when you are done with the bottles?

Although most people resort to throwing them in the garbage bin, there are two major concerns that arise.

First, if the bottles are carelessly disposed of, they might present health risks to other human beings especially children who might come into contact with the liquids.

Secondly, the chemicals found in the liquids are also harmful to the environment, particularly if they end up in the sewer system. The sewer treatment plants may not adequately destroy the chemicals which might end up in the water supply. 

A better way of disposing of the bottles, either glass or plastic, is through recycling, but only if done correctly. One of the biggest issues when it comes to recycling is removing the residue left inside the bottles.

First, pour the remaining residue in a plastic zip lock bag. Mix it with an absorbent such as sawdust or sand and seal the bag. This way, the residue will be absorbed and can be safely tossed in the trash bin.

The second part is cleaning the bottles. Clean your empty bottle with warm water, soap, and vinegar. Now you are ready to take the bottles to your recycling bin or a recycling center near you. Nowadays, there are various companies that offer recycling services online. 

Some people prefer to buy the e-juice flavors in large bottles. As mentioned earlier, these large bottles can be inconvenient in case of travel. It is therefore prudent to reuse smaller bottles for this purpose. If you enjoy exploring different flavors, you can reuse the bottles to customize your flavor.

Interestingly, you can reuse the bottles over and over again. However, you have to ensure that the bottles are cleaned properly as explained above to remove the previous flavors and chemicals.

It is important to note that glass bottles do not leach the flavor, unlike some plastic bottles. Therefore, before recycling your plastic bottles, it is advisable to identify whether it is recommended for reuse. This can be done by checking the resin identification number usually located at the bottom of the bottle. 

With a little creativity, you will be find there are various ways to reuse your e-juice bottles, especially the larger ones.

For instance, after you carefully clean the bottles, you can use them as flower vases.

Alternatively, you can add burning oil and attach a wick to act like a lamp.

You can also use the bottle as storage containers for personal items like earrings. There are limitless options for repurposing clean e-juice bottles.

Recycling and repurposing is an easy task that goes a long way in keeping the environment clean and sustainable.

British Solomon is a contributing writer and media specialist for Rock Bottom Bottles. She regularly produces content for a variety of vaping and lifestyle blogs.

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