Why You Should Use an Ashcatcher

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Ash catchers have emerged as a must-have accessory for bong enthusiasts, revolutionizing the smoking experience. These handy devices attach seamlessly to the downstem of a bong, living up to their name by catching ash from the bowl before it reaches the main water chamber.

This not only keeps your bong cleaner but also enhances filtration and cooling. Ash catchers are a simple yet effective solution for a smoother, cleaner smoking session, especially for daily tokers.

Below, we'll dive into the world of ash catchers, exploring their benefits, types, and how they can elevate your smoke sesh.

What is an Ash Catcher?

A glass ash catcher is a valuable glass accessory designed to act as a pre-filter for your bong. This innovative device enhances the smoking experience by adding a water chamber where smoke is filtered before entering the bong's main chamber.

The water in the ash catcher's chamber traps resin, tar, and other unwanted particles from the smoke.

Using an ash catcher provides additional filtration for smoother hits and maintains the cleanliness of your glass bong. This means less frequent cleaning and better smoke sessions.

Many ash catchers come equipped with percolators, which introduce bubbles into the smoke. Percolators further cool the smoke, resulting in an even cooler and smoother hit from your bong.

Adding an ash catcher to your setup is a simple yet effective way to elevate your smoking experience, ensuring cleaner, purer, and more enjoyable hits every time.

Why You Need an Ash Catcher

Ash catchers have many benefits, the main ones being:

Your Bong Will Stay Cleaner for Longer

Ash catchers are a game-changer for keeping your bong pristine. By trapping most particulate matter before it reaches your bong's downstem, water chamber, and shaft, these devices significantly reduce how often you need to clean your bong. This means more time smoking and less time scrubbing.

Extra Filtration for Better Flavor

Ash catchers, especially those with percolators, add an extra layer of filtration and cooling. This initial cooldown phase, before the smoke reaches your bong's main water chamber, enhances the flavor of your hits. The result is a smoother, more flavorful experience than a traditional bong setup.

Extended Bong Life

Having less residue buildup in your bong can significantly increase its lifespan. Ash catchers reduce the amount of ash and debris that accumulate inside the bong, minimizing the risk of breakage and wear over time.

They Save Money and Time

Frequent bong cleaning can be costly and time-consuming, requiring specialized cleaning agents and much effort. By significantly reducing the need for regular deep cleans, ash catchers save you money on cleaning supplies and valuable time.

Incorporating an ash catcher into your smoking routine is not just about keeping things tidy; it's about enhancing the overall quality and longevity of your bong.

Types of Ash Catchers

Ash Catchers with Percolators

The percolators in ash catchers introduce bubbles into the smoke, significantly cooling it down before entering the bong's main water chamber. Various percolator styles are available, like inline percs, showerhead percs, and honeycomb percs, each offering a unique diffusion level. The Pulsar 5-Arm Tree Perc Ash Catcher is popular for its efficient smoke diffusion and cooling capabilities.

Recycler Ash Catchers

Recycler ash catchers use fluid dynamics to continuously filter the smoke, delivering an exceptionally smooth and cool hit. The Pulsar Showerhead Recycler Ash Catcher, designed to provide a consistently clean and cool smoking experience, is a favorite among enthusiasts.

Two-Chamber Ash Catchers

Two-chamber ash catchers feature dual chambers, adding extra filtration and significantly cooling the smoke. The Pulsar "No Ash" Dual Chamber Ashcatcher exemplifies this design, offering enhanced filtration and a smoother hit. It is an excellent choice for regular bong users seeking a cleaner and cooler smoking session.

What to Look For in an Ash Catcher

Joint Size

When selecting an ash catcher, the first step is to ensure its joint size matches your bong. The most common sizes are 14mm and 18mm. Choose an ash catcher with a joint size that fits snugly into your bong's downstem to avoid loose connections and smoke leakage.

Joint Angle

The joint angle of your ash catcher is another key consideration. Bongs typically accommodate a 45-degree or a 90-degree angle ash catcher. What you need depends on the design and angle of your bong's downstem. A mismatched angle can lead to an awkward fit and ineffective filtration.

Style and Features

Ash catchers come in various styles and features, catering to different preferences and needs. Some prefer dual chambers for enhanced filtration, while others opt for a more straightforward design, like an inline perc ash catcher, for simplicity and ease of cleaning. Consider what features are most important to you in enhancing your dry herb smoking experience.

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