Why You Should Use a Carb Cap

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As the popularity of dabbing grows, so do the number and variety of dabbing products on the market. One particularly useful tool is the carb cap. Domed nails provided many benefits to dabbers, but were sometimes difficult to manage, especially around scalding hot temperatures. Domeless nails then became the norm, even if it did mean some vapor lost to the environment. Carb caps now allow users to benefit from concentrated vapors with a much easier-to-use piece than a dome.

What are the Benefits to Using a Carb Cap?

Restriction of Air Flow—The point of a carb cap is to cover the open top of the domeless nail, which prevents both vapor loss out to the environment and cool air from flowing into the nail. Many users find they have extra vapor left over from the initial hit to take a second.

Conserves Heat—Because the carb cap prevents cool air from entering the nail, the nail stays warmer for longer. This means you won’t have to heat your nail as much and you can enjoy a slightly cooler and smoother dab. A carb cap also helps increase the pressure inside the nail, which helps use every last bit of product before the nail has time to fully cool down.

Easy-to-Use Tool—Not only is a carb cap simple to use, but it can also act as two tools in one. Many carb caps include a dabbing tool/dry product prodder on the other end for multifunctionality.

What Type of Nail Pairs Well with a Carb Cap?

Most domeless nails work with a carb cap, and we strongly encourage experimenting with one to experience the effect it can have on a session. There are nails that work better with certain carb caps, so you will need to select one based on the shape of your nail. In general, Daisy nails don’t work well with carb caps because the slits in the design allow airflow regardless.

  • Flat carb caps—The carp caps have a shallow shape to them and flat bottoms. They work well with bangers, and also angled and simple through nails. These carb caps are often constructed from glass, titanium, or ceramic to match your preferences and style of nail.

  • Bubble carb caps—These carb caps work best with flat top nails and bangers. Their bubble shape sits within the nail to create a seal around the rim. Bubble carb caps also have stems on top and on bottom to allow air flow through it. These are often constructed of glass.

  • Hollow carb caps—Also called “domed carb caps”, these include a deeper hollowed out center than the flat carb caps. They accommodate nail styles with parts that protrude above the rim, such as the castle designs. Check out this ceramic style and glass style to get an idea of how these differ than other carb caps.

With a carp cap, users are able to experience the full flavor and potency from their dabs before the nail has time to cool. If you have a domeless nail, you need to try your next dab with a carb cap.

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