Three Benefits to Vaping or Vaporizing

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benefits of cannabis vaping


Recently vaping has become a trend not only in the tobacco world, but within cannabis culture as well. With more and more people experimenting with different ways to inhale, ingest, and apply cannabis product, vaping tools for marijuana have gotten more advanced and enhanced alongside their water pipe, dabbing rig, and rolling paper counterparts. Whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative to smoking or just want to try something new, vaping can open a whole new avenue for your cannabis enjoyment. Explained below are three of the top benefits to cannabis vaping.

  1. Safer. Vaporizers work by passing hot air over crushed cannabis leaves to release the THC for users to inhale. Because the leaves don’t come in contact with the heating element and optimal vaporizing temperatures are lower than the combustion threshold, the leaves aren’t burned and won’t release as many carcinogens as smoking does. You can even use “balloons” to catch the vaporization and cool it down before breathing it in. Breathing in cooler vape or smoke does less damage to the throat and lungs than high temperature vape and smoke does.
  2. More discreet. Because the leaves aren’t burned (unless you set the temperature too high), little to no identifiable smell is produced. You can add flavors to the loading chamber if you prefer, otherwise vaping will feel just like breathing in normal air. This allows more discretion around people who have an aversion to the smell of marijuana and it won’t linger on your clothes long after a session.
  3. Flexibility. Vaporizers come in many shapes, styles, and sizes, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to vaping cannabis. You may prefer a portable vaping device or a larger one you can hook up multiple tubes to share with friends. No matter what experience you prefer, vaporizers offer users a wide range of flexibility with the current available styles. Vaporizers range in cost anywhere from $20 to over $400 depending on the size, style, and extra features they include. These devices accommodate any budget and don’t have to be a huge investment if you just want to experiment with a different inhalation method. Beginners looking for a cheaper device may want to keep in mind battery life, size of the filling chamber, and temperature range to ensure they’re getting a quality product.


Vaporizing marijuana can be a game-changer for regular users, but there are still a few tricks to be aware of before you switch on your device. First, you will want to use finely ground bud for vaporizers so the air can pass freely over the herb and extract as much THC as possible from the plant. You will also want to make sure the loading chamber is snugly packed, but not over-packed so the air can still circulate freely. Last, the optimal temperature range for vaporizing cannabis is between 350 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Your personal temperature preference may depend on how your body reacts to the different chemicals released at different temperatures and what you are trying to achieve. The bud may start to combust over 390 degrees, which will release those carcinogens you may be trying to avoid.

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