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Whether you’re headed home for the holidays or trekking out into the scenic wilds, it is in the nature of the regular smoker to, well, keep on smoking.  But it is also in our nature to be a tad bit forgetful, and a misplaced or mischosen item could mean the end of your outside sesh.  Thankfully, Smoke Cartel is here to provide an easy checklist to make sure that your efforts will not go to waste.

Smell-proof Container

Is your stash kind of smelly?  Good for you!  What you need is a smell-proof container. The distinctly robust stink that we know and love can be somewhat offensive to others, and if you’re going for discretion it could even call unwanted attention to you.    Luckily, technology has grown up with you, and you have the colorful options of keeping your stash safe and unsmellable with silicone containers such as the Medtainer and Chrontainer.  Not only are these stash jars smell proof, they’re flexible and waterproof as well!  And if you’re going on a long trip, you can even squeeze in a Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack to keep your stash perfectly preserved and sticky.

Discrete Piece and Papers

What is the discrete smoker’s best friend?  The pen-style vaporizer.  Whether you’re a flower fiend or a concentrate fanatic, the perfect pen-style vape could be a lifesaver for you in a pinch.  Check out the Kandy Pen or even the Vapor Cup for some ninja-style vaping.  They’re easy to start and shut off in a moment’s notice, can be tucked away without calling any attention, and don’t require an extra lighter or combustion.  There are even tons of vaporizer accessories to make your portable vaping experience a luxurious one.  Just make sure to tuck away an extra atomizer for posterity’s sake if you’re going to be using your vape as your main piece.

If vapes aren’t for you, there is also of course the iconic simple spoon.  Some glass artists are even making spoons easier to carry around by making them into pendants that can be worn as jewelry, such as the Glassical Creations Turtle Pendants or the Purr Glass Hammer Bubbler Pendants.  That means you can literally wear your smoking habit around your neck, and all those non-smokers can simply think you’re extra stylish.  What a life!  And for those of you who need the extra filtration provided by a water pipe, there are even travel-sized bubblers so that you can always get those premium chugs.

In a pinch, it’s always a good idea to bring a pack of rolling papers.  Rolling papers are thin enough even to fit inside of an empty breath mint tin for added discretion.  By keeping all of your smoking knick-knacks together, you can be sure that they won’t be lost to your messy car, or worse: at that rest stop two states back.

Grinder and Small Coin

If you’re a flower child, you probably know that you always have to have a grinder on you.  There’s nothing more annoying than when your fingers are covered with sticky flower residue and you can’t even pack a proper bowl.  Plus, grinders grind that flower up extra thin so that you can have better airflow in your bowl, meaning you have better control over combustion and you can get a bigger hit.  Of course, if your grinder has an extra compartment for pollen to fall down, like in the new Kraken grinders, you can easily top off your bowl with some of that for an extra bounce.  So here’s a tip to make sure you’re getting the most out of your flower: stick a small coin in your middle container with your stash.  A simple dime or penny will do.  Now, shake it up!  This will help some of the pollen fall through the grinder for you to harvest freely.  If your grinder doesn’t come with a scoop, you can use a business card or a dollar bill to scoop it out onto your bowl.  Wow, so that’s why cold hard cash is better than debit!

Q-Tip and Cleaner

If your piece is sticky and black, there’s no way you’re getting the most out of your hits.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to bring an extra q-tip or fifty before you leave the house.  Q-tips, when soaked with solvent like Smoke Soap, are some of the easiest and most portable ways to clean your piece on-the-go.  You can even fit them in that above mentioned breath mint tin.  Just make sure that you dispose of them effectively -- there are no insightful excuses for having a bunch of black crusty q-tips at the bottom of your backpack.

Extra Lighter and Lighter Fluid

Where did that lighter go?  Weren’t you just holding it?  You know it has to be here somewhere because you haven’t left the room.  Well guess what, smoker.  It is a universal truth that lighters just disappear sometimes for no reason.  Sure, maybe you have a sweet decal on yours and there’s no way you could just misplace it.  Or maybe you always stick it in your pocket immediately without thinking about it.  But if you’re travelling with a pipe and are feeling less than perceptive, you’re likely going to go through multiple lighters.  And if you’re worried about carrying extra lighter fluid, you can always try Smoke Cartel’s very own electric powered arc lighter.  That’s why it’s always good to have an extra pack on hand in case your next gas station trip is a while away.  And if you’re travelling with a dab rig or nectar collector (godspeed), you know you’re gonna need that extra bottle of butane to get you through.

Water Bottle

If you carry around a water bottle anyways, get in the habit of carrying two around, because for one you’re gonna be extra thirsty.  Plus, if you’re travelling with a bubbler or water pipe or even a glass vaporizer attachment, at least a portion of that water is going to have to go into your sick filtration setup.  If you’re somewhere less developed where water is not as freely available, you may even want to pack some water purification tabs so that creek nearby can fill in for the absence of the public water fountain.


Smoke Cartel supports your smoky endeavors no matter where you may be headed, as we offer free shipping, express shipping, and even international shipping.  We know life is better when you’re smoking, so don’t let your winter travel plans get in the way!

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