The Top Benefits of Using a Vaporizer

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Although vaporizers are a relatively newer invention, it looks like this smoking trend is here to stay. More smoke shops are offering vaping products every day, as vaporizers themselves continue to evolve with the needs of their users. Today consumers can find a vaporizer for dry product, oils, and even branded e-juice, which is available in a variety of flavors. Not only do consumers have options when it comes to hand-held devices, but desktop vaporizers are also available for group settings. There’s a reason why vaporizers have been met with tremendous success among both novice and veteran smokers alike. Here are just a few top benefits vaporizers provide over regular cigarettes.



When cigarettes burn, they release ash, carcinogens, and other material into the air you breathe in. Convection vaporizers work by passing hot water vapor over the smoking material to extract the desired elements for intake, so no actual burning takes place within the device. Vaporizers with heating coils that come in contact with the product may cause some combustion, so users need to be precise with their temperature settings to avoid this. Some users worry about the ingredients in e-juice, but so far none have been linked to any adverse effects, and they are also widely used in other un-related products that people use every day. Vaping products are held to certain FDA regulations that ensure users receive consistently quality products from every distributer.   


Less Wasteful

Cigarettes lose a portion of the smoke to the surrounding environment that the user is never able to inhale. Some of the product is also destroyed by the burning process without the proper extraction of the desired chemical beforehand. Vaporizers efficiently extract most, if not all of the drug from the product without wasting a large portion of the product internally. This means that users can use less product when vaping, or benefit more from the amount of product they do use. Although some vape may be lost to the atmosphere, users are still benefitting from the increased efficiency of the vaporizer.


Less Offensive

One of the worst parts about smoking cigarettes is trying to find a public area to light up where you aren’t going to be affecting any unsympathetic individuals around you. Since the smell from cigarettes largely comes from the burning product, you will find little to no smell emanating from a vaporizer. Users also no longer have to worry about smelly clothes and furniture from smoke with vaporizers either.



Linked to the advantage of minimal smell, vaporizers are much more discreet than cigarettes. Some are even shaped like everyday objects that many people wouldn’t recognize as a smoking device. Additionally, most crowds won’t even know you’re inhaling product even from regular devices unless they see the vape coming from your portable vaping pen. Users can also stash a vaping pen quickly in on-the-go situations.

Not only do vaporizers offer these benefits over traditional cigarettes, but they are also reusable devices that are easier on the environment. Users may need to replace worn internal components every once and awhile, but these parts are usually inexpensive. Vaping is a better alternative to traditional smoking methods, and some cigarette users even use vaping pens to curb their long-time smoking habit. No matter what your reasons, vaping is definitely a trend most smokers should check out.
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