The Best 5 National Parks for the Adventurous Smoker

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Summer is slowly burning out like the final embers of a campfire, but that doesn't mean that the adventure has to end. What better place to salute the season farewell than from the peak of a hill or the bank of a river in one of our majestic national parks?  We can't think of a better excursion than seeking out the ultimate sesh spot and immersing yourself in the grandeur of these natural wonders while you open your mind and ascend to enlightenment. 

Below we have compiled a list of our top five choices for can't-miss natural gems found throughout this bold, beautiful country that we call home. So, grab your gear and don't forget to pack your portable vaporizer or pipe as you embark on your next smoke-venture. 

A couple of great products that are both durable and portable enough for hiking are the Genius Pipe and the Incredibowl.  


1. Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado)

This park is the wildflower-covered jewel of Colorado and, established in 1914, is one of the oldest national parks in the country. It's beautiful, high-elevation ecosystems and wilderness include two snow-frosted peaks, untamed rivers, and elk-inhabited forests. One-third of the park is alpine tundra, nearly barren except for sunflowers, forget-me-nots, and multi colored lichen. Wind your way along the soporific Trail Ridge Road, known as the highest continuous paved road in the United States, and stop for a picnic in one of the enchanting forests along the way. Because of its elevation, the road offers unparalleled views of Wyoming and Front Range cities like Denver and Boulder. If you're 21 or older, take this trip to the next level by stopping off at one of the state's many dispensaries to stock up on supplies. 


2. John Day Fossil Beds (Oregon)

If  archaeological intrigue is your thing, John Day Fossil Beds in eastern Oregon offers the ultimate adventure for the Indi in all of us.  Within the state-of-the-art Thomas Condon Paleontology Center, paleontologists prepare fossils ranging from 40 million-year-old plants, to small invertebrates, to giant beavers. This park is going to be one of the best places from which to experience the full solar eclipse occurring this August. Bring a camera, some Moonwalker Kush (less than an ounce, please), and a folding chair or blanket, then curl up on and watch the universe do its dance.


3. Olympic (Washington State)

Old growth forests and lush rain forests, flanking miles of rocky coastline and glacier-capped peaks, are the jewels of this deep and remote national park. If solitude is what you are after, then this is the park for you. Many of the nearly one million acres that make up this park are only accessible by foot, so don't forget those hiking boots.


4. Acadia (Maine)

Granite cliffs which pierce the sea are Acadia National Park’s most iconic features. The rugged seashore appeals to geology-lovers and the hiking, camping, and boating appeal to just about any adventure-seeker. It's still illegal in Maine to sell certain pharmaceuticals, but astute retailers are skirting that issue by baking medicated goodies and giving them away for "free." with a donation. Don't over do it though, because then you won't want to take on the Precipice Trail hike, or wake up early enough to watch the sun rise from the summit of Cadillac Mountain. 


5. Yosemite (California)

Yosemite has enough outdoor recreation opportunities and breathtaking scenery, from Yosemite Falls to Half-Dome, to the more secluded Tuolumne Meadows area. You can now legally possess cannabis in Golden State, but you can't smoke it in public. Act accordingly.


Now that you have some inspiration for some wild and ethereal places for your next smoking adventure, pick up some supplies, like the "Pinch Hitter" Wooden Dugout and Bat Combo or the Under the Sea Turtle Pendant, and maybe a Kraken Grinders - 2-Part Dispenser Grinder for a mess-free loading experience. 

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