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Terpenes are responsible for the flavors and aromas in concentrates and flowers. Terpenes degrade overtime when they're stored incorrectly, reducing the flavor and effects of your concentrates. 

Terpenes are volatile organic compounds and will evaporate when not properly cared for. In order to prevent degradation from happening, dabbers must take care when storing their pick up. Medical grade silicone is an excellent storage container for concentrates. Silicone containers are airtight and nonporous, protecting your terps from the damaging oxygen and light!

Make sure to always tightly seal your container to prevent your terpenes from evaporating. Even incorrectly sealed containers can lead to a less flavorful slab as the concentrates get exposed to oxygen overtime. If you don’t have a silicone container, keep your concentrates securely wrapped in parchment paper. If you’re picking up small amounts of concentrates at a time, it’s probably fine to store them in parchment — you’ll likely consume your stuff before the terps degrade. But if you’re scooping larger amounts of concentrates you should seriously consider investing in some silicone, otherwise you’re losing precious flavors! Terpenes even play a role in your smoking experience by binding to receptors within your brain. Why would you want to miss out on that!?

Silicone containers also prevent dust and other gross particles from settling on the surface of your concentrates. If you’ve got an animal, you know the struggle of keeping your concentrates hair-free. Take the precautions to keep your slabs fresh and terpy by sealing them in silicone containers! Click here to learn more about silicone on Smoke Cartel’s knowledge base.

This Smoke Cartel silicone concentrate container is perfect for preserving the terps in your concentrates!  Want to take some concentrates to-go? This Wax Wallet by 420 science is small, discreet, and preserves your terpenes!

Note: Never use wax paper for concentrates. The wax coating will bind to your concentrates making them unfit and possibly dangerous for consumption. If you’re using wax paper, please, for the sake of your health, head to Smoke Cartel’s oil accessories collection for some silicone dab containers!


Handling your Concentrates

While we’re at it, we should also talk about handling your concentrates. Touching concentrates with bare hands can transfer skin-oils and bacteria onto your slabs. Now, I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to be dabbing is someone’s gross skin germs— that doesn’t sound terpy to me.

To prevent the transfer of germs and skin-oils onto your slab and by proxy into your lungs, always handle your concentrates with non-latex powder-free nitrile gloves. Or, just keep your hands off! There’s literally no reason to ever touch your slab, they make dabbers and dab tools for that. Due to the sticky nature of concentrates, it’s also super easy to end up with a decent portion of your pickup stuck to your skin. Nothing is worse than wasted concentrates, any dabber would agree!

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