Smoke Cartel LURRVES Dogs

Smoke Cartel, Inc. makes an investment in the pet industry.  Because man's best friend deserve quality products too.

Posted by Jessica Leigh Lebos on

There are at least two or three cute canines hanging out at Smoke Cartel HQ on any given day, since every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day around here. 

Sometimes, we actually make these mongrels earn their keep. The Smoke Cartel pups recently starred in a feature on, showing off our new HeadyPet line of 420-friendly leashes, collars, harnesses, seatbelts, toys and more! (Don't worry, they were amply paid in belly scratches and tasty biscuits from the big jar our purchasing supervisor keeps on his desk.)

Speaking of HeadyPet, there were a lot of well-dressed doggos at this year's Earth Day Savannah, thanks to our own Bobby and Haley. Plenty of folks stopped by the booth to check out the colorful wares, and some lucky pooches even got a free twax dog toy with their purchase!

It was a beautiful, breezy day to be a part of Savannah's conscious and compassionate community. In fact, we're very proud to announce another opportunity to support one of our favorite causes:

Smoke Cartel operations analyst Haley Swindler has recently been named to the Board of Directors of One Love Animal Rescue, a wonderful local non-profit that finds homes for abandoned and abused pets and basically makes the world a better and more adorable place. They make sure each animal is in optimal shape for their new home via a vast network of rescue groups, vets, trainers and foster families (though very often those families become #fosterfails and just end up adopting their One Love baby.)

Haley grew up with rescue dogs, Ringo and Starr, and was inspired to join One Love's board after her cat passed away last year.

"I was really impressed by their commitment to evacuating animals during the last hurricane scare," she says, and plans to put her MBA and skills to good use as Chair of the Governance Committee.  

"I'm really looking forward to helping expand OLAR's reach and grow its resources."

You can count on Smoke Cartel's support, Haley and One Love, and we hope to see everyone out walking their favorite furry people soon!


In the meantime, here's the very pretty Duchess modeling a HeadyPet harness and seat belt in Leafy Chevron.

About the Author

Jessica Leigh Lebos

Jessica Leigh Lebos

Communications Strategist for Smoke Cartel, Inc. Jessica is a long time believer and supporter of Cannabis Reform and even has a seat on the Board of Directors for Reform Georgia, a non profit dedicated to building a better justice system. #ReformGA held a big hand in the recent decriminalization of cannabis in the city of Savannah, GA.

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