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Smoke Cartel and the Savannah Stopover Music Festival

Posted by Jessica Leigh Lebos on

We love us some music here at Smoke Cartel, and we were super stoked to be a sponsor of the Savannah Stopover Festival earlier this month. 

A low-key way for regional and national acts to dip their toes into the frenetic musical festival season, this three-day lovefest invites 80+ bands to "stop over" in Savannah before making their way to SXSW in Austin, TX. Musicians get to play in all kinds of venues downtown, from clubs to churches to historic house museums, all the while waxing poetic about our beautiful little city (Brooklyn Vegan especially liked our liberal to-go cup policy.)

In the last eight years, Stopover has earned a reputation for showcasing major acts right before they hit the stratosphere—some of us remember mooning over Mac Demarco at the Jinx or standing close enough to St. Paul & the Broken Bones to see the sweat fly. 

The 2018 Stopover line-up filled Savannah with glorious sights and sounds from all over the globe, including Israeli songstress Lola Marsh, Indo-Pakistani-flavored soul man Zeshan B, NYC party animal Jonny Couch and not-Canadians of Montreal, plus some of our favorite local rock stars, including Nancy Druid, Danielle Hicks & the Resistance and CUSSES

As bona fide fans of all things indie, we dig musicians as much as the music, and we definitely wanted to take care of these traveling minstrels when they came to town. Our sponsorship included adding promotional materials to the Stopover swag bags, so we went full-on SC avalanche: SmokeCartel-StopoverSwag  

"We loved the support we received from Smoke Cartel—and our bands and VIPs did, too!” says Caila Brown, Savannah Stopover's Creative Services Manager.

“Y’all were so thoughtful in what you packaged, and it really spoke to the care and support of the company."

Just what was in those awesome swag bags? 

Smoke Cartel hat pin, a sticker to put on a guitar case/drum kit/groupie, a debowler ashtray (it's got a pointy tip for easy bowl cleaning!), hemp rolling papers and an ELEV8 silicone pineapple stash container (Did you know that pineapples are the symbol of hospitality? A perfect souvenir to remember the Hostess City!) All of it came stuffed tidily into one of our branded smell-proof bags (super handy for crossing state lines.) 

Band members also snagged a Sesh Supply Glass Blunt in blue, green, pink or white (if any of y'all need a tutorial on how to use it, we got ya covered.)  

Maybe it was a little cheeky to assume they'd have use for it all, but Caila says the Savannah Stopover artists felt the Smoke Cartel love, for sure:

“It was all our bands could speak of the whole weekend, so we hope you got some new lifelong customers!”

We hope so, too, and that our community continues to support Savannah Stopover in bringing the music industry's Next Big Things right to our front porch!

About the Author

Jessica Leigh Lebos

Jessica Leigh Lebos

Communications Strategist for Smoke Cartel, Inc. Jessica is a long time believer and supporter of Cannabis Reform and even has a seat on the Board of Directors for Reform Georgia, a non profit dedicated to building a better justice system. #ReformGA held a big hand in the recent decriminalization of cannabis in the city of Savannah, GA.

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