Meet Clay James: Hip Hop's Dapper Gent and Smoke Cartel Influencer

Posted by Jessica Leigh Lebos on

His Instagram handle is @whoisclayjames, but his 40K+ followers already know Clay James: Fearlessly independent, unapologetically original and unbelievably talented. 

Born in Savannah, GA and reared in the Southern rap cradle of Atlanta, the young gent cut his teeth on the music of Outkast—and ended up as Big Boi's protégé after a fraternity brother tricked him into recording a a friend's studio.

"I was like, 'What, I want to be a rapper?!' And my brother was like, 'It’ll work, you’re charismatic. We can get the music good, just try it,'" he recalls. 

The rising rapper was picked up by Snoop Dogg to revive Doggy Style Records, releasing the single "Southern Playa Sh*t" to great acclaim. 

Clay James is a free agent these days, touring around the country and repping the Smoke Cartel brand as one of our favorite influencers. We think our glass blunts, peach pin and other pieces match mighty fine with his gentlemanly demeanor.

"Fashion is one of my core values, along with good music and family. I like a classic look, usually a suit and a bowtie. And I like my fedoras," he says in the upcoming issue of Smoke Cartel Magazine.

"I feel like I always try to present dapper, even if I’m just wearing a hoodie." 

Whether you're looking or listening, Clay James is an experience to behold. Enjoy his new tunes on Spotify and check out his brand new website,

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Jessica Leigh Lebos

Jessica Leigh Lebos

Communications Strategist for Smoke Cartel, Inc. Jessica is a long time believer and supporter of Cannabis Reform and even has a seat on the Board of Directors for Reform Georgia, a non profit dedicated to building a better justice system. #ReformGA held a big hand in the recent decriminalization of cannabis in the city of Savannah, GA.

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