How to Use Vaping as the Centerpiece of Your Smoking Cessation Plan

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Vaping is fast-becoming the preferred method of replacing tobacco cigarettes. Although the health benefits of vaping for smoking cessation are still being hotly debated, countless people attest to its ability to quell cigarette cravings while making it easier to wean off of nicotine. In fact, many consumers assert that vaping allows them to smell better, feel better, spend less money, and taste their food more fully among many other things. If you intend to use vaping as the centerpiece of your smoking cessation plan, however, there are a few, key things that you should keep in mind.

You're going to need the Right Equipment

Getting a good vaping mod and e-juice that closely resembles your preferred brand of cigarettes are two of the most important things to do before getting started. You'll also need to closely match the nicotine content of your chosen e-juice to the amount of nicotine that you've been consuming. When shopping for your very first mod, however, don't try to go all out. You'll find a number of high-end mods with impressive price tags available, but it's generally best to stick with more basic, affordable designs until you've had the chance to decide whether or not vaping is right for you.

Get Comfortable before Dropping Your Nicotine Dose

One of the most important things to note about vaping for smoking cessation is the fact that it doesn't have to happen at a breakneck speed. As soon as you transition from burning paper and tobacco to the much lighter mist that vaping devices produce, your chest will feel a lot clearer, and you should be able to breathe quite a bit easier. You'll also smell better and have a bit more money in your pocket. This will give you the chance to move through the cessation process at a slow, steady, and ultimately manageable pace, while still experiencing notable benefits. People who rush themselves in stepping down their nicotine levels have a higher likelihood of reverting back to smoking than do those who take their time.

Accurately Determining Your Starting Nicotine Dose

Don't toss your cigarettes out until you've had the chance to learn more about nicotine dosing and how to match your former cigarette consumption. Most e-juice suppliers sell their juice at nicotine strengths of 3 mg all the way up to 24 mg. Some sellers also offer 1 mg and 1.5 mg juice for people who are on the very last stages of the weaning process. Typically, those who smoke one full pack of cigarettes a day will need to start at 12 mg of nicotine or higher. If you smoke just half a pack of cigarettes each day, you might try e-juice with 6 mg of nicotine or less. You can step your doses down by 3 mg at rate of once every two to three months, or at a pace that feels more comfortable for you.

One thing to note is that you don't have to vape all of the time in order to successfully replace cigarettes. Try maintaining similar habits by going outside when you vape, and by paying attention to how much you use your device while you're out there. Even at lower doses, you should not be ingesting nicotine continuously and all throughout the day. If you find that you're outside vaping far more often than you usually smoke, you may even want to try stepping your nicotine dose up. When you're at a comfortable nicotine level, you won't be vaping any more than you normally smoke, and you'll have a much better ability to monitor your nicotine intake for weaning purposes.

Get Discounts when and where you can

Overall, vaping should be significantly less expensive than smoking, especially if you live in an area with high tobacco taxes. It's still important, however, to shop around for discounts, take advantage of clearance offers, and use coupons or promo codes whenever you can. A little bit of prudence in this area will ensure that you have plenty of room in your budget for testing new vape devices, accessories, and e-juice flavors out. 

One of the best ways to save on these products when just starting out is by investing in an all-inclusive kit. A good starter kit will provide you with a decent vape mod, a charger, several options in e-juice, and maybe even a back-up battery. You'll pay far less for all of these things together when buying a comprehensive kit than you'll spend if purchasing each item separately. Best of all, you'll have the chance to try out several different e-juice flavors which will help you start defining your vaping preferences.

All vaping enthusiasts should join the mailing lists of a few good suppliers. Once you do, these companies will send information on all their latest products and offers right to your inbox. Not only is this a great way to find out about special discounts, clearance products, and new promo codes, but it will also keep you up to date on all of the latest developments within the vaping industry, as well as on any regulatory changes that affect these practices. Moreover, e-mail subscribers are often given first access to new products, long before these items are offered to the greater public and while they still have introductory prices.

Upgrade when you’re ready

By investing in a very basic mod from the outset, you'll have the ability to define which features and accessories are most important to you ahead of any big spending. After having used this mod for several weeks or months, you can return to the vape store for an upgrade. If you shop online, always take the time to check out the clearance aisle. Contrary to popular belief, some of the best vape mods wind up here. Whenever big-name manufacturers come up with new and enhanced mods, the former versions of these designs are often sold at greatly discounted prices. As such, combing through the clearance category can be a very effective way to find a high-end mod with all the bells and whistles, at an incredibly affordable price.

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