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How to Lower Your Weed Tolerance Without Stopping

Posted by Sara Popovic on

If you consume cannabis every day, you know THC tolerance quickly builds up. After a while, you don’t feel any effect regardless of how many joints you light up throughout the day.

Every person has a different experience, but sooner or later your body will become resistant to THC, and you’ll begin to consume more and more to feel the effect.

Taking a tolerance break is by far the easiest and quickest way to bring your THC tolerance back to normal. Even quitting for two weeks could do the trick.

But, who the hell wants to do that? The goal is to get more high, not not high.

Here are some options if you want to continue using weed but still want to lower your tolerance.

Change How You're Smoking

If you’re used to smoking joints or hitting bowls, it might feel awkward to switch only to vaping or using concentrates. However, this just might be the key to unlocking an entirely different experience.

Well, probably not that different, but different enough to make it interesting.

A different consumption method means you’ll surprise your body and might get higher, as it will process THC differently. Dabbing makes many people higher than dry herb, and edibles can strongly affect even those with a massive tolerance.

You don’t have to change your method forever, but if you love consuming marijuana daily it might be a good idea to switch it up a bit from time to time.

Microdose for a Month

If you’re not ready to take a full tolerance break, try lowering your daily dose of THC. You can simply take two thirds from your regular dose for a couple of weeks. It will still be hard, but easier than getting rid of THC completely, and you’ll soon see the effect it has on your tolerance.

In general, microdosing is a great way to reset your tolerance, while avoiding uncomfortable withdrawal effects.

A good idea to try microdosing is to use a vaporizer as it makes it easier to control your dose. If you’re used to smoking, switch your bong and joint for a good one hitter or chillum, as they have a much smaller bowl. Want to know more about that option? Read our comprehensive guide on chillums here.


Many stoners already heard exercising immediately after smoking cannabis can enhance your high. But there are also some long term effects exercise can have on your tolerance.

First thing - exercise improves your general health and wellbeing, so your body will be better at getting THC where it needs to be. Although we still don’t have all the facts on why that’s the case, people who are completely out of shape usually have a high THC tolerance.

Additionally, exercise burns fat cells and THC is fat soluble so it’ll be in your system for less time - a good alternative to taking a break. Exercise also releases endorphins, so it’ll be easier to smoke less because you’ll feel good even without a hit.

Switch Up Your Strains

Another thing that can make a huge difference in your THC experience is the strain you’re using. If you usually come back to the same strain, it might be time to try something new. You’ll feel the effects more profoundly and differently than with your go-to option.

This factor is especially true if you have a preference between sativa or indica strains. For example, if you always enjoy indicas while chilling in couch and watching shows, switch it with sativa and try doing some other activity like learning a new skill. Indica and Sativa develop tolerance in a different way so using both and regularly rotating them means it’ll be easier to have a lower weed tolerance.

Finally, using strains with a higher CBD to THC ratio for a while is an effective yet easier alternative to taking a complete THC break.

Change Your Routine

Are you in a funk? Every day feels the same?

We’re all creatures of habit. Even if we don’t schedule our days, we will usually wake up, eat, and smoke weed at the same time. Switching your routine means you will be more aware of when and how much you smoke.

If you want to get higher with less weed you’ll need to change your habits for a while. Not ready to take a full tolerance break? Try smoking a different strain, microdose for a while or do something different when you smoke like exercise or a new activity.

Regardless of what method you choose - it won’t be easy. Still, skipping a wake and bake session for a couple of weeks really pays off when you realize how higher you’re able to get.

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