How to Celebrate Smoke Cartel's Third Birthday

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That’s right, this week Smoke Cartel is turning three years old!  That means that if Smoke Cartel were a human, we’d be a little bumbling three year old crying in the grocery store and trying to rid ourselves of a debilitating binky habit.  But of course Smoke Cartel is not a tiny screaming human, but rather a company with a huge network of artists and fellow glass enthusiasts behind our back.  To us, celebrating Smoke Cartel means celebrating every smoker out there, and here are our four favorite ways to do just that.

1. Toke out of your Smoke Cartel fab egg

At Smoke Cartel, we’ve always been dedicated to placing affordable high-end gear into the hands of smokers across the world.  This started back in 2015 with our “Othership,” our incredibly popular faberge egg dab rig that had our shippers flying from shelf to shelf to send out to new homes.  Not long after, we brought you the “Colorship,” our colorful version available in pink, green, blue, and amber.  Today, Smoke Cartel is known for the incredible variety of faberge egg styled pieces we keep stocked and ready at all times.  Whether it was the “Swiss Bottle,” or one of Sesh Supply’s “Circe,” “Pheme,” or “Atlas” pieces, if you love Smoke Cartel you’ve probably fallen in love with one of our fab eggs too.  And if not, you can read all about the splendor of the faberge egg right in our knowledge base, and treat yourself for this very special occasion.

2. Get to know our collaborators

Smoke Cartel has always had a wide array of collaborators who see glass just like we do: as an American folk art that was meant to be enjoyed and preserved.  A quick browse through our selection of vendors will help introduce you to some of the most cutting edge glass artists in the country.  And for an even better glimpse into their capabilities, take a look at our heady section for some of our artists’ most innovative one-of-a-kind designs.  Pieces like “Be Here Now” from Asheville artist Mia Shea and collabs like the High Tech x Illadelph “DNA” show off exactly how the glass folk art’s scene is bringing a whole new level of uniqueness and authenticity to smokers and collectors alike.  And if you want to read more about our vendors’ behind-the-scenes processes, check out our American Artist series on our knowledge base, where we sit down with an array of new artists like FossGlass as well as industry staples such as Empire Glassworks.

3. Browse our constantly growing selection of percs

They say that no two snowflakes are exactly alike.  Well we like to say the same about percolators.  You may know the percolator as the glass device in the center of a pipe’s chamber that circulates water in order to better filter the smoke.  We’ve written about the variety of percolators available, as well as the science behind having a high-functioning perc.  With the sheer variety of pipes we see come into our warehouse from across the country every day, we’ve also seen an almost impossible variety of percs.  Percs change the way you smoke, and offer different functions for different smokers.  That’s why we recently added a new way to search: by perc!  Now you can narrow your searches down to include all pipes with certain percs -- whether you prefer the traditional honeycomb or the high-powered stereo or maybe even a unique perc -- to better compare our selection and to make exactly the right choice for you.  And if you’ve already got your dream perc, go ahead and give it a nice big chug on us!

4. Engage with the brands you love

You know you can follow us anytime on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube.  You may even be following our Smoke Cartel Crew for a look into our Savannah warehouse.  But are you also checking out some of your other favorite brands?  Sesh Supply, Glassheads, and Gilded Glass also have Instagrams for you to follow!  Be sure to keep an eye on these feeds so you can see what our most coveted brands are putting out for you.  Also take a look at some of our relative newcomers, such as Kraken Grinders and China Glass.  Smoke Cartel and these vendors make up a whole community of like-minded smokers, and we want to know more about your favorite pieces and your favorite way to smoke.

Thanks for taking the time to celebrate with us, smoker.  Your commitment means a lot to us, and we wouldn’t be able to offer the wide selection that we have without the help of fellow enthusiasts like you.  Today we celebrate the birthday of our store, but every day let’s celebrate the community we’ve all helped create!

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