Hey Hey, Who Needs a 420 Getaway?

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It’s every partaker’s favorite holiday—time to grab your favorite piece and your BFFs and celebrate! We’ve packed our bags and bowls for a weekend jaunt to a magical treehouse on the marsh, where the sesh just might be joined by a glamorous gypsy and a mini-horse named Mars…

The Smoke Cartel crew arrives in the golden glow of a perfect Southern spring afternoon. Tucked away a few miles from historic downtown Savannah and SC headquarters, JEM's Duende offers unique and colorful respite from the outside world with its artfully appointed rooms and kaleidscopic aesthetic!

They've left the daily grind behind for the weekend, but Calla and Omowale are prepared to chill with Kraken Grinders

After settling in, Omowale, Whitney, Jayme and Calla unpack their smell-proof Smoke Cartel gear and pack a UPC straight tube water pipe.

 Jayme hits the Sesh Supply’s “Hecate” beaker.

Omowale takes a moment alone with a piece of elegant China Glass.

The crew gathers on the covered porch with Gypsy Kate, another fascinating guest staying at JEM's Duende

No but really, did we mention there's a real, live, adorable mini-horse on the property? His name is Mars but he answers to carrots. 

Jayme and Whitney explore the nearby dock with handblown Gandalf pipe

Taking in the view...

Thoughtful vibes on the back deck.

*Disclaimer: Smoke Cartel only supports the use of cannabis in legalized states. A legal herbal smoking blend was used for the purposes of this photo shoot.

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Jessica Leigh Lebos

Jessica Leigh Lebos

Communications Strategist for Smoke Cartel, Inc. Jessica is a long time believer and supporter of Cannabis Reform and even has a seat on the Board of Directors for Reform Georgia, a non profit dedicated to building a better justice system. #ReformGA held a big hand in the recent decriminalization of cannabis in the city of Savannah, GA.

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