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If you’re looking for simple, handcrafted pipes and glass art, Glassheads is one of the best vendors to start with at Smoke Cartel.  No matter how you smoke, there is a piece from Glassheads made with you in mind.

For the concentrate connoisseur

To be a true concentrate connoisseur, you need a whole arsenal of tools at your disposal.  And at the center of it all?  You’re preferred rig.  Luckily, Glassheads provides a very unique rig; the “Perro” Balloon Style Rig.  Glassheads pieces all have a hearty sense of humor about them, and this balloon animal inspired rig is no exception.  Top it off with a No. 2 Pencil Dabber, and you’ll be harkening back to your schoolkid days every time you go for a dab.  

Of course, it’s more than just the rig and the dabber that make the setup.  That’s why Glassheads also provides premium 14mm and 18mm Female Titanium Nails, made with food- and medical-grade titanium, and perfect for traditional male oil rig joints.  If you’ve already got a lucky nail, you can pick up the stylish Carb Cap with Opal to get those luxurious low temp hits.  And to get that hot nail away from your face, the Sleek and Simple Male-to-Male Drop Down will add an extra layer of both protection and filtration.  Top off your toolkit with the Silver Fume Worked Inside Out Color Changing Dish -- this dish uses one of our favorite glass techniques, fume working, to create an easy way to pass your concentrate around.  It’ll even change colors over time!

For the travelling smoker

A lot of smokers are in it for the sightseeing.  There’s nothing like a hike with a high-functioning piece.  Fortunately, Glassheads helps make travelling and smoking a breeze.  Looking for a lazy day out in the Shire with a bit of hobbit leaf?  Check out the Over The Hobbit Hole gandalf-style pipe to see your smoke rings float out over the rolling hills.  The “Shroomtastic” Mushroom Chillum Pipe is perfect and discreet for a walk in the woods, while the Under the Sea Turtle Pendant makes for a beautiful necklace and keeps your beach trips lasting all day.  Or, if you’re in it for the heat, there’s the “El Cacti” Standing Cactus Chillum Pipe, perfect for long drives through the desert when you’ve got your eye on the gas tank.

Of course, if you’re looking for smooth filtered hits on the go, Glassheads even offers a few travel-sized water pipes to invigorate you.  The “Bulbous” Fumed Sidecar Bubbler with Dots will help flower lovers get bigger hits on-the-go.  The Carb Cap Pendant Inception Rig gives concentrate users a travel option too, and you can even wear it right around your neck.  Just don’t forget to pack a water bottle!

For the foodie

Urban smokers know that a good toke is just as important as a good meal.  If you’re looking for a cute and stylish way to smoke while also celebrating some of your favorite treats, Glassheads totally gets your craving.  Start with the Donut Hand Pipe, available in three scrumptious flavors, to really help boost your appetite.  Concentrate users can enjoy a mid-afternoon snack with the Chilli Pepper Dabber.  And for dessert?  Check out the “Sweet Eclair” Chillum, perfect for two.  Even vegans and the lactose-intolerant can enjoy keeping the “Utterly Cool” Spoon close by in their kitchen to liven up their dishwashing sessions.

What’s the cherry on top?  Glassheads has two for you -- the Sweet Cherry Pie Chillum for those who like to take it one hit at a time, and the White Heart Pipe With Cherry Accent, for those looking for a full bowl.  Whether you’re in it for the fruit itself, the 90’s halter top print nostalgia, or simply a die-hard Warrant fan, you’re sure to make some kind of statement.

For the glass enthusiast

Smokers who are in it for the glass speak the Smoke Cartel language.  And no one loves specialty glass like Glassheads.  For your next big party, check out some of Glassheads’ glow-in-the-dark pieces.  The Glow in the Dark Spoon is perfect for the traditional smoker, or check out the “Apparition” Glow-In-The-Dark Gandalf Style Pipe to spice things up a little bit.  If Illuminati is more your thing, the “Notiluca” Flat Belly Illuminati Glass Chillum takes a new twist on an old classic.  Or if you’re in it for the glitter, the “Dichro Slyme Donut” Spoon uses not just Dichro, but the popular slyme glass as well.

For an alternative style with some impeccable craftsmanship, Glassheads has options for both flower lovers and concentrate users.  Concentrate users can check out the Flying Eyeball Dabber for a spooky yet mesmerizing recreation of an eyeball.  Or for something even more unique, flower users can check out the “Hoot Owl” Animal Spoon.  Not only does this spoon boast incredible color working and design, it also features two bowls -- one for each eye on the owl.

For the domestic smoker

A nice toke in the safety of your own home is a must for all smokers, and can even help spice up the daily chores and tasks that tend to build up so quickly.  The indoor gardener can appreciate the Succulent Cactus Planter Spoon Pipe, a gorgeous interpretation of a classic design.  Outdoor gardeners and concentrate users can enjoy the Savannah Bumble Bee Dabber, perfect for livening up a sunny spring day.  And to keep the day going, check out the Cane and Dot and Dichro Color Changing Dish, perfect for keeping both flower and oils out on the coffee table.

Many home-smokers are not unfamiliar to the classic bong either.  That’s why Glassheads offers some of the best downstems available on the market.  The Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14.5mm Female Downstem adapts your 18mm joint into a more versatile size, while also adding an extra layer of diffusion.  The Low Pro 18mm to 14.5mm FIre Cut Downstem does the same, but its unique percolation gives your hits an extra light and bubbly layer to them.  Or, if you’re just looking for a new bowl that won’t send your flower tumbling down into your pipe, there’s the simple but effective Clear Twist Dry Herb Bowl.

Next time you’re in need of a handcrafted pipe for any occasion, be sure to give Glassheads a shot.  Both high in quality and in function, Glassheads helps bring the heart into smoking every day.  And be sure to keep checking in for new products; the Glassheads catalog is constantly expanding and offering new and improved products every year!

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