Glass & Vapes Gamers Can't Get Enough Of

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In the event that you like gaming while high, and well, who doesn't? Gaming and weed are a match made in paradise. Hell, gaming and weed go together better THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD!!!

Obviously, cannabis influences everybody in an unexpected way, and the inclinations of gamers are as different as the quantity of computer games there are out there. So finding the best piece when you're gaming while high can take a little experimentation. In any case, regardless of whether you're a devotee of Resident Evil, Halo, World of Warcraft, or you keep it outdated with Tetris or Pacman, you'll discover a strain on this rundown that will support your amusement. These are the must haves:

1.      "Nyx" Pass-through Inception Ball Mini Dab Rig:

This is named after the Goddess of night and serves best when you want to have a video game marathon. It is bound to take you in to a realm of joy. It has the buzz. Its water wraps around the center ball as the main diffuser and its circular perc provides a splendid percolation. It is known as an easy inhaler and its bent neck gives it a unique shape. 7 inches of height, it has a gold decal, come sin think glass and uses a 14mm male bowl.

2.      OG Four 2.0 Rip N' Go Pen:

This is among the portable vaporizers equipped with the dabber tools. This vaporizer can be easily held in hand and is made for waxy oils and concentrates. It is 7 inch long, discrete and comes with a USB charger. Built specifically for people who have a knack for extracts and flavors. This pen comes with lava quartz and the best part? Take it with you when you are crashing a friend’s place for a marathon.

3.      OG Series GEN 3 Vaporizer Kit:

This one of its kind OG chamber is better than most. After redesigning and repacking, a silicon base station has been added to it. This vape kit is portable and comes with a lithium Ion battery. Best for wax oils, it has adjustable temperature and is 6 inches long. It has a matching dabber tool and is equipped with high quality material and comes with a USB Charger.

4.      Hand Held Rig Dab Vape Wax Pen:

This vape pen is a robust concentrate and is ready to handle anything that you throw in its way. It comes with a replacement coil, charger and a scraper tool. This portable pen allows this pen to be used with an already filled cartridge. It is available in black and silver.

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