Choosing the Perfect Bong for You

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Choosing the Perfect Bong for You


You may often ask yourself what kind of bong you should buy since there are so many types to choose from. When buying a new bong, you should consider your own personal needs and decide what you want to accomplish with your new bong. New bongs are often replacements for old ones that have become resonated and a new piece always goes well when used with other devices you may own. Getting a new bong will also allow you to identify which types suit your needs the best. To help you out, here are a few tips on how to choose the right bong for you.

Determine Its Use

Knowing how your bong is going to be used is a huge factor because you will have to determine these key elements when buying any bong such as the bong’s environment and frequency of use. You should also decide whether it is a personal or pass-it-around piece. Other points to consider include whether it is for stay-at- home use or portable, preferences in technicalities, as well as if it is easy to clean.

Group or Solo?

The bong’s environment is important because this will help you determine the type of material you should choose from: glass, plastic, ceramic, bamboo, among others. You should consider a sturdier type of material if you plan to have lots of smoke sessions with a group of people. Since there is a greater chance that the bong might get dropped or mishandled when being passed around a group, you do not want to use a delicate glass piece. Instead, a plastic or wooden bong would be preferable.

Home or Outside?

You should also consider the bong’s use. You should decide whether you want a bong for casual, everyday use while on the go or if you are someone who wants to hit your bong while lying in a hammock or recliner using a chilled bong that has a built-in ice catcher and it has been sitting in the refrigerator overnight. Getting a bong with a bent or curved mouthpiece is great for relaxing at home. On the other hand, there are several types of bongs that can be assembled and disassembled for easy portability.

Lots of Added Features

Bongs come with many technical pieces and attachments such as:
- Diffusers
- Splash guards
- Percs
- Ash catchers
- Ice catchers
- Party bowl
- Single snap pieces
- Upgraded downstems
- Extra percolators

Knowing how to accessorize your bong will be a long way in helping you achieve exactly what you want to accomplish with your new bong.

Are You Willing to Clean It Constantly?

This is something you really must be honest with yourself about. If you do not like to clean, you should steer away from ceramic and other non-glass type of bongs since they are much harder to clean. A glass bong will be your best option because they are the easiest to clean with a solution you can buy or make at home. Ones that come in clear glass allow you to always see the clarity of the water so that you can change it when it is dirty.

Find the Perfect One

It is important to consider all the options mentioned here and take everyone into consideration before deciding how much money to spend. You will find that many of them are very expensive. However, when you arm yourself with the right knowledge, there is no doubt you will find the right one within your price range.

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