20 Best Gifts for Stoner Girls

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You found yourself a perfect girl. She’s smart, she’s interesting, she’s attractive... and she's a stoner.

Let her know how much you care with a piece from my list of the best stoner gifts for her.

No, buying a 420 gift for a girl doesn’t mean it has to be pink, or cute, or any other stereotype that first comes to mind. It might, but like always - the perfect gift is personal, and ideally, ties together more than one of the receiver’s interests. 

Yes, she’s a stoner girl. But is she also a fashion junkie? Maybe get her a weed themed necklace. Is she traveling a lot? Maybe a smell-proof duffle bag will work. Is her phone filled with funny pictures of her dog? Hemp chew toys or leashes would certainly make me happy as a dog owner. 

Find the perfect Valentine’s Day or birthday present with my list of 25+ gifts every stoner girl will love! 

For the Environmentalist - A Solar-Powered Hand Pipe


If your girl is working hard on reducing her carbon footprint - let her know you support her. If she’s also excited when you’re going to your favorite smoke spot, get her a solar-powered hand pipe for the next time. 

The world’s only solar dome pipe was released by Sun Token. It works on a simple principle - use the magnifying glass to heat up the glass dome with sun rays. This concept certainly brings up memories! 

The base of the pipe is made from cherry wood and finished with 100% pure tung oil which makes it both pretty and durable. The modular design will allow your girl to use it as a regular pipe on those cloudy or couch-potato days. 

For The Hopeless Romantic - A Vase Shaped Water Pipe 


Gifting flowers may seem a bit cliché, but I’ll tell you a secret: We still love receiving them.

However, we also love gifts that last. And you can have both of those things with a vase-shaped water pipe. 

There are many vase water pipes you can find, but my vote goes to My Bud Vase products. They are dedicated to the craft of transforming vintage vases into water pipes, and they do a splendid job.

For The Plant Mom - A Succulent Hand Pipe 


She has more plants in her home than all your other friends put together, she never misses a gardening article on the Good Housekeeping magazine and sorts the ‘Plants’ Subreddit by new? Yes, you’ve got a serious case of a “plant mom” on your hands. 

Getting her some gardening tools or a potted plant is always a great idea, but if you want to make it 420 friendly, you can’t miss with a succulent-themed pipe. Succulents have a special place in every plant lover’s heart, as they are easy to maintain and a pleasure to look at, year round.

Empire Glassworks and Glassheads do by far the best job at capturing succulents in a hand pipe form. The Succulent Cactus Planter Spoon Pipe by Glassheads also has a flat bottom, so it will fit right into your girl’s plant corner.

For The Traveler - A 420-friendly Duffle Bag


Your stoner girl wants to travel the world? Or just loves a spontaneous weekend escape? Let her know you’ll be traveling more with a robust and stylish duffle bag.

Add to it a smell-proof design, and she’ll be able to carry her stash everywhere, keeping it fresh, protected and concealed. My pick? The Smoke Cartel duffle bag, made with odor absorbing carbon. It’s easy to carry but has an extra large capacity - and that’s something every girl can appreciate.

Tip - double the deal and throw in a plane ticket, hotel-booking confirmation or a ticket for a cannabis event! 

For The Gadget Geek - An Electric Grinder 


You’ve noticed she has a lot of gadgets and enjoys exploring modern solutions for simple everyday tasks? When a new iPhone comes out, she’s first in line? Get her an electric grinder. 

I’ve written a lot about electric grinders in the past, and many brands have released their version of the idea. All of them promise to do the same job - you fill them with herb, press a button, and a fluffy grind comes out. 

But my personal favorite will always be OTTO by Banana Bros. It was first, delivers best results, doubles as a cone filler, lasts long, has AI-powered smart functions and just looks awesome. And girls appreciate a tool that simplifies their life but is also a pleasure to look at. 

For The Dab Queen - A Rig 


If you enjoy concentrates, you know how much difference a good rig makes. And if your girl can handle your heavy-duty rig like a champ, get her one for her solo sessions. 

But how to choose between hundreds of options? The easiest answer would be: just choose the one you would get for yourself. 

My recommendations? If you have a higher budget, I think you should consider an electric rig like Pulsar Rok or the Higher Standards bestselling Heavy Duty rig, which also comes in a stylish box.

For The White Witch - A Gemstone Pipe 


Fairly recent research study published by the Pew Research Center has revealed that more than a million Americans identify as a pagan or wiccan. Chances are, your favorite stoner babe is one of them. If she is, a gemstone pipe is sure to put a smile on her face. 

You might have noticed I prefer products from brands who have dedicated themselves to a specific craft. And for natural gemstone hand pipes, that’s Cosmic Pipes. When picking out the right variation, take some time to consider which stone would be most suitable for the receiver - even if you don’t believe in its healing powers yourself.

Do you want to remind her to love herself? Rose Quartz is a stone of healing and unconditional love. 

Is she going through a tough time? Black Obsidian shields from negativity.

Is she burned out from work? Labradorite calms an overactive mind and inspires creativity.

Research a bit - choosing the right stone is a great way to send a thoughtful message. 


For The Girl That Just Came Out - A Rainbow Bowl 


Did the girl you’re gifting recently say “Fuck it. I’m telling everyone who I am.” Then celebrate it! 

Yes, rainbows are a candid message. But she made a brave decision, there’s no need to be subtle. Organize a party, give her a lot of hugs, throw confetti on her and help her make her smoking collection personal with a rainbow bowl

I love the ROY G BIVVELS flower bowl because it’s extra thick and has added marbles, so it’s easy to use without burning your fingers while doing it. The generous capacity makes it a crowd-pleaser, too! 

For The Early Bird - A Mug Pipe 


You’ve just made your first cup of coffee, and she’s already dressed, had her breakfast, watered her plants, went for some groceries, and ready to kill the day?  

Let her know that weekend mornings are for relaxing and taking some me-time, with a multi-purpose mug pipe

This popular piece comes in many designs, so choose the one that best fits your stoner girl! It works like a regular mug and will hold 8 ounces of a hot drink, but also has a bowl and a mouthpiece for that next level ‘wake and bake’ session.

For The Fashionista - Weed Inspired Jewelry 


Girls who follow fashion trends and always look stylish, never have enough accessories. Accessories are a great way to boost an outfit - but they are also a timeless and well-received gift. 

Make it 420 themed and get her a cannabis necklace, ring or pin. The THC molecule line is perfect for this purpose. It allows her to show her love for the herb, but doesn’t scream “stoner” when she’s with her family or in a professional setting. 

A popular choice on Smoke Cartel is THC Molecule Necklace, which is available in rose gold and silver and is certain to get her many compliments! 

For The Connoisseur - A Desktop Vape 


Yes, desktop vapes are expensive. They are also one of the best stoner gifts, if you’re ready to splurge on your stoner girl. 

She will use it often, she will use it for years, and it might totally change the game for her. It’s just an awesome present for girls who prefer dry herbs and mainly smoke at home. 

If you’re going all the way, then pick up a Volcano or a handmade log piece. If you want to keep it below $200, I would go for an Arizer unit. Extreme Q is their best tabletop piece, and it’s easy to use, durable and versatile - there is both a balloon and whip function. 

For The Sweet Tooth - Edibles


If she goes on a dessert rampage when she gets the munchies - get her some consumables. Even better, make a stoners’ version of a fruit basket, packed with infused bars, gummies and cookies.

It doesn’t necessarily be THC edibles - not everyone enjoys that effect, and depending on where you live, they may not even be an option. 

CBD edibles are just as awesome and come in many forms. I like the Just CBD Gummies,  each infused with CBD derived from industrial hemp, yet leaving no hemp aftertaste.  

For The Beauty Junkie - A CBD Cream 


Whether she’s wearing makeup or not, her skin always looks flawless? That girl is either blessed by beauty gods - or has a solid skincare routine. And skincare fanatics ALWAYS love receiving new skin products to try out. 

CBD has proven benefits for skin, and there are now countless products infused with it, from lip balms and face creams, to massage oils and body lotions. Not sure which one she needs? You can’t go wrong with a gift set.

I like the Earthly Body gift set because it has mini versions of their bestselling products. Mini products are a safe bet - she’ll have fun trying them out, and she’ll know exactly which one she wants to pick up in full size. 

For The Girl Who Likes Order - A Storage Case 


I think a good case is an awesome present for anyone - but especially those who like to keep everything organized. So if the stoner girl you’re gifting always has a clutter-free apartment and keeps everything in order, help her do the same with her smoking collection, and get her a nice storage case.

Storage solutions are plentiful. But you don’t necessarily have to buy a huge case like the Str8 Brand makes. A smaller solution for her pipes, rolling papers and other tools will be more than enough. And you’re more likely to find a good-looking case if it’s small, like the Black Walnut from Marley Natural, or the Cosmetic Stash Box by Jane West. 

For The High Achiever - An Elegant Bubbler 


She’s a stoner on weekends but during the week, she’s working on achieving her big career goals? Jane West is an example of a woman who continued to enjoy cannabis while growing her own business. She’s a hero among entwives, and she also released a highly-functional yet elegant glass line. 

Her pieces are available in white and cobalt blue, and their unique design fuses sharp edges and curves in the art deco style. I especially love the cobalt blue Upright Bubbler. It’s small, classy, easy to use, and functional. 

For The Girl Who’s Always On The Go - A Portable Vape 


She’s either at work, or walking her dog, or shopping, or meeting friends, or at the gym, or going to road trips - it seems like she’s never still. If your girl is always on the go, give her a portable vape, so she can enjoy a smoking session wherever she is. 

Portable vapes come in all shapes and sizes. First think about what materials she’s using the most. If it’s dry herbs, maybe Pax 3, Mighty or if you have a lower budget, G Pen Nova or Boundless CFC 2.0.  If she likes to dab, a vape pen like Yocan Magneto is an awesome choice. Or maybe get a dual-purpose solution, like the SeshGear Alpha 2-In-1 vape. 

For The Board Game Geek - A Weed Game


Whenever there’s more than three people at her home, she pulls out one of the games from her growing collection? She maybe even organizes game nights? 

There are many weed-themed board games that she’ll love to pull out during group smoking sessions. If she enjoys games of contest like Catan, then check out Lords Of Cannabis. If she likes to discuss things, she’ll love Hash It Out!. If you’re certain it won’t break your relationship - then go for Weedopoly - it’s just like Monopoly, but for stoners.  

For The Dog Owner - A Hemp Chew Toy 


Is the girl you’re gifting an owner of a very good boy? She’ll love receiving a chew toy - it will make her dog happy and give it something interesting to do while she’s away. The HeadyPet line and Raw both have awesome, joint-shaped and hemp-filled chew toys.

Another option is a dog leash featuring a cannabis-inspired design or one made with hemp fibers. One option you can check out are HeadyPet leashes. They come in many weed-inspired styles and also have matching collars. 

For The Girl Who Just Moved - A Cool Ashtray 


Looking for a housewarming gift? If your girl likes to smoke, a cool ashtray is a great idea. It’s simple, useful and easily personalized. 

If you’re going with something elegant, then pick up a glass piece like this Rasta color-changing dish. If you’re looking for more practicality, check out the multi functional Myster Ashtray or any other ashtray that’s packed with cool features. 

For The Collector - A Subscription Box

Your girl is building a smoking collection and you feel like she has it all? Skip one-time gifts, and get her something that keeps on giving - a subscription box. Every month, she’ll receive a new box with tons of awesome goodies she can try out.

Smoke Cartel subscription boxes stand out among the rest with the quality, value and variety of included products. Also, there are four different boxes available, so everyone can find something that fits their budget and desires. All boxes contain hand selected smoking gear, from rolling tools and glass pipes in the Starter Kit, to vapes, torches and water pipes in The Boss Box.

Love the idea but don’t want to commit? The bestselling Mystery Box is the alternative for you. Pick the box that best fits your girl’s interests and watch as her heart leaps when she discovers everything she’s got. 

Gift boxes are a great last-minute idea for every type of stoner girl. The products are selected by experts, you can order it online within minutes and it comes already packed  - so you can skip the wrapping part. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the list and found and a perfect pick for that stoner girl you want to surprise for Valentine’s Day, birthday or anniversary! 

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