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Most Favorable Review

Smoke Cartel Reviewer Jim P. Verified Buyer

A great vape, but with a few issues

In general, I really enjoy this vape. It's powerful, easy to use, discrete, and it has quite a few neat little features like the built-in dab container and the lanyard attachment. I'm going to briefly list all the pros and cons that I've noticed with the Evolve Plus XL.


-Powerful enough to give big rips, comparable to a small dab from a rig.

-Decent battery life. I charge it every night, and am able to dab off of it continuously for most of the day.

-Adjustable airflow ring

-Built-in silicone dab container, so you always have more dabs with you.

-Attachable lanyard, so you can wear it around your neck and never lose it in the couch.

-Replacement coils are easy to come by in many head shops, near me they run for around $8 (CAD) per coil, or $30 for a pack of 5.


-LED lights are too dim. Hard to see the LED light in bright light, like being outside.

-Doesn't come with an instruction manual or first-time user guide. Had to google a lot of different things to figure out how to use it for the first time. The official Yocan website didn't have answers to many of my questions, so I had to look elsewhere.

-Comes with a USB charging cable, but no block to plug in a USB cable into a wall outlet.

-Uses quad coils, so you need to hold it upright to make sure all four coils are saturated. If all four aren't, expect a really hot uncomfortable rip.

This is probably one of the best vapes to get if you've got a dab rig and are looking to get a pen. However, I probably wouldn't recommend this to someone who's not used to dabs, in that case I'd get one of the smaller dab pens to start of with.

Jim P. Verified Buyer

Most Critical Review

Smoke Cartel Reviewer Aimee L. Verified Buyer

Batteries stopped working after first use

Don’t waste your time on buying batteries the first pair I bought last about 45 days. The second pair stopped working after the first use, I tried the original charging cord and USB port on my laptop and one wall adapter, also countless other micro usb cords. They are pieces of sh*t

Aimee L. Verified Buyer

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