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Product SKU: H062

Cover all your oil needs with the ingenious Sub-Ohm Sport Vape Kit. 

Made by Honey Stick, known for their innovative concentrate solutions, this kit comes with a powerful 2000mAh battery that offers a wattage between 5W and 60W. This impressive system allows you to use the vape for days on a single charge and to produce massive and super-potent clouds. 

The kit offers ultimate versatility with a temperature range between 200° and 600°F  and variable voltage. It features the latest sport tank that has a metal window to hide the content and a 1.8 ml capacity so you can load generous amounts. 

The mod has a durably brushed steel construction and the large LED screen allows you to easily adjust the settings and have a view on the most important stats.

If you want to step up your oil vaping game with a durable, versatile and powerful unit - the Sport Vape Kit is the perfect pick for you. 

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5 Stars
"Hands down best in the business, the video and easy to use products are great exactly what my dad needed, hes older so its fast, easy and looks great"

- Daniel w Verified Buyer

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What's in the box

  • 1x - Sub-Ohm Sport Variable Voltage MOD Battery
  • 1x - Extra Replacement Coil
  • 1x - Sub-Ohm Sport Vape Tank
  • 1x - USB Charging Cable
  • 1x - Instructions


1.8 mL


2000 mAh


200° - 600°F

Temperature Range

60 W


  • Box Mod
  • Carry it anywhere!
  • Durable
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • LED screen
  • Portable
  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Powerful Vaporizer
  • Sub-Ohm
  • Vaporizer

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Most Favorable Review

Smoke Cartel Reviewer Mike M. Verified Buyer

5 Stars

I'm relatively new to vaporizers but out of all of them I have tried I like this one the most so far, although, I have one with temperature control coming soon so we'll see how that goes. First, these are very well built and are extremely solid. It's apparent they could both (the unit and the tank) probably stand up to some abuse. I just wouldn't make a habit of dropping either of them on the sidewalk or something; or at all would probably be better. lol

I wouldn't bother taking it to a concert that is uptight or something else of the sort ... you catch my drift. Go for the Phantom 2 in 1 for something like that; very discreet and stupid simple. All I've been able to try in it so far is dry herb and wax, since I'm from Illinois the oils that I need (THC) are a bit hard to come by at the moment.

The OZ-Ohm does a great job with the herb and wow the Extreme Wax Atomizer was nothing but amazing when I tried it. By that time I had started to figure out how to hone in everything for taste and it was really, really good. It reminded me of the first time I had top shelf Bourbon with how it tasted, not the literal taste of course, just with how good it was.

The only thing I would say that doesn't quite stand up the way I thought it would was the battery life, although, I do use it a lot. It literally replaced my bowl, which I never thought would happen. I would say if you are taking it out with you and not using it a whole lot you might get two nights out of it but with me it is on the charger every night, which is fine. It isn't really a problem and as I said I do use it a lot so still five stars for sure ... very good product.

If you are on the fence and are sure you want to try something in the sub-ohm genre this one should at least make your list.

Mike M. Verified Buyer

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